The family of the moment is reunited with the missing dog 14 years after his disappearance

Aaron Weber looked flabbergasted when he reunited with his terrible Yorkshire terrier Remi 14 years after the dog was stolen from his mother’s backyard (Pictures: Saving Hope Rescue)

This is the moment when a family was reunited with their missing Yorkshire terrier 14 years after it was stolen.

Aaron Weber seemed unable to believe his eyes as he cradled the little dog, named Remi, in a shelter in Houston, Texas earlier this week.

Weber’s young son – born after Remi’s disappearance – also seemed thrilled to see the animal and enthusiastically stroked the shy dog.

Weber bought Remi as a wedding gift for his wife when the puppy was only eight or nine weeks old.

Over the next two months, the spouses fell in love with the dog and broke their hearts when Remi disappeared from Weber’s mom’s backyard.

Remi was so small that the couple feared that he had been kidnapped by a hungry hawk – only to find that he had been alive and lived by stray since 2006.

The puppy was found in very bad condition, with very dull fur.

He was brought to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, which discovered that Remi had a chip, prompting them to contact his stunned owners.

They then moved Remi to the partner organization Saving Hope Rescue, which is located near the Weber home in Houston.

Saving Hope volunteer McKenzie Smith told NBCDFW: “It was really special. I know I will never forget it and neither will the Webster family. I mean the story of a life, the dog of a life and finally it’s a home …

‘It is so fantastic that after all these years he has finally returned home and we are so excited that we have been able to help.

‘It will be Remi Webster as he always had to be for the rest of his life.’

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