The farmer faces floods up to his neck to save his beloved sheep among the Met Office rain warnings

Dramatic footage shows a farmer wading ice water to save a sheep stuck in the aftermath of historic floods that have hit communities across the UK.

Faye Russell of Derbyshire risked her life to save the animal with just a rope around her waist as a safety measure.

The video shows the moment when she entered the water to rescue her beloved sheep, wearing rubber boots and waterproof clothing.

The accident occurred after his flock was trapped on the South Derbyshire farm after Storm Dennis triggered severe flooding across the county.

The 26-year-old praised her neighbors and collaborators who supported her during her rescue, reports DerbyshireLive.

Farmer Faye Russell rescues his cattle during severe flooding on his farm

Filming showed her rescuing one of the animals

He said, “My sheep are my life and I would put their life before mine every time and when we saw the water, there was never a point where I thought I wouldn’t go inside for them.

“I told everyone I was going to the water first, I didn’t want to compile the accident book for someone else.

“It was dirty, it was very cold, the cold almost cut me in two, but I would have done anything for my sheep and once I started taking away the lambs, the maternal instinct of the sheep entered and they started following him .

The peasant woman risked her life to help the animals

“I was in the water for about half an hour to forty-five minutes. After I was cold and wet, but once we fed and warmed the sheep, it was like nothing had happened. They were little pigs.”

He said there were 15 sheep and a dozen lambs who needed help.

Now he has urged experts to think more about flood defenses across the country.

Faye with one of his lambs

He said, “Floods are changing. In past years, you have had a better idea of ​​how much water or floods you would have gotten in certain periods of time.

“Now, however, it is so unpredictable and with it stopping and starting, it is so difficult to prepare.

Even today, a shocking video of cars crawling in deep-water floods in a Scottish city has emerged.

Floods in Paisley, Scotland

The cars struggled through the flood water

The vehicles were seen desperately attempting to make their way through the rising flood waters at Paisley.

The Environment Agency (EA) also warned that heavy rainfall over the weekend could lead to further flooding over the weekend.

England has received 141% of its February rainfall average so far, the agency said as it warned that floods should continue until next week.

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He said spells of heavy rainfall over the weekend could lead to further flooding in parts of the North and Midlands.

And a spokesman said that “ongoing river floods remain likely for the Severn River on Monday and Tuesday”.


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