The fatal decisions that cost Real Madrid and Barcelona millions

Millions of euros lost due to bad decisions. Affordable players who are almost untouchable today. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​mistakes at a price of gold.

Fatal decisions that cost millions

It has been bursting onto the footballing planet with the force of a cyclone and beginning to uncover the sequence of nonsense that has caused neither Haaland nor Mbappé to be in our League today. Because, while it is true that their current price makes them almost inaccessible, it is no less so that they could be cheaper, both for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

His are not unique cases. Not much less. Both Madrid and Barcelona have a respectable record of fatal decisions, which for one reason or another end up coming to light and leaving the sports structures of the two clubs with the largest budget in Spain in a very bad place.

We are talking about players who were rejected, not considered or undervalued and who ended up becoming productive businesses for others, never seen as such neither in Madrid nor in Barcelona, ​​due to fragile, well-off and / or very deficient sports policies that they showed they were unaware of and still seem keep doing it, how is the market where they live?

Illustrious rejected that today are “the most”

Haaland cost 8 million euros just two years ago, when he was a member of Molde. Madrid and Barcelona scoured the market looking for a striker. But they shouldn’t have seen him. Salzburg paid and took it. Then Dortmund would arrive and paid 20. Today, its market price is around 100 million.

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The case of Mbappé is, if possible, more bloody. The most desired man at Real Madrid was twice, within reach of the white club. The first, with 13 years. He got to try in the lower categories but, finally, the family decided to return to France. No one did anything to change that decision. In 2017, while at Monaco, it was not considered appropriate to sign him either, by the club’s sports manager, the same one who is now willing to do so.

And, as if it were a career of nonsense, FCBarcelona, ​​that same year, also discarded the offer of the Monegasque club, which had priced the striker at 130 million. Answer: “With whom has he drawn? We prefer Dembelé ”. In short … crazy

The derision continues: the Pedri case

What the truth hides, although it cannot do it forever, is that some of the sports managers of the leading clubs, not only Spanish but especially in these, have done a more than questionable work in recent years. And perhaps, today that the reasons for the crisis in our national competition are being analyzed so much, we could talk much more about these actors than what is being done. Of them and of the entire organization chart that intervenes in these types of decisions. Starting from the bottom.

How is it possible that Pedri came to Real Madrid to do a test three years ago and those responsible for the quarry say that he does not give the level? Was there not enough time to assess him, as those who showed him the exit door now say? Weren’t there more days to keep watching him? Pedri came to Madrid for free. He just wanted an opportunity, which they did give him in Las Palmas and then in Barcelona. Today, Pedri is valued at 35 million euros, among some things and others, a figure that threatens to increase if his progression advances, as is foreseeable.

Little interest in Neymar and Balotelli

When an error is repeated in time it is difficult to attribute it to fatality. There will be those who, in their own defense, admit that thousands of decisions are made in a football club and, therefore, the possibility of being wrong is proportional. But to what extent can a person responsible, who lives and collects from this, can screw up in such clear cases?

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An example: Neymar arrives, again at the old Real Madrid Sports City as a child, at the age of 14. It coincides with Dani Carvajal. It seemed that the boy convinced. They offer their father a contract. But Santos offered him the same as Madrid … and an apartment. Ney ended up in Brazil. There will always be the question of whether anything else could be done to retain him. Although in this case, we all know how the patriarch of the star spends them.

Light years away today, but not a few years ago, we can include Ballotelli in the list of “miscalculations”. Mario played a tournament with the Barça shirt. With 16 years. He played three games. He scored 8 goals. Marc Bartra can attest to this. It was not deemed appropriate to offer him more than what was offered. He ended up at Inter.

Perhaps its profile, controversial where it exists, does not make it one of the worst decisions ever made, but its market price was set at 30 million. Some business could have been done, what a good need the club has for some time now.

Kroos, Ansu Fati, …

Another of the players who were not wanted in Can Barça was Toni Kroos. And that the German player only had eyes for the Catalans, but it was Luis Enrique who dismissed the possibility of having him among their ranks, after paying 25 million euros. It might even have come out for free by waiting a bit. But there was no way; He already had Busquets and Mascherano and did not want to slow down the progression of Sergi Roberto and Rafinha.

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Ansu Fati also dreamed of Barça. So much so that, having aroused the interest of Real Madrid, Sevilla, Betis and Zaragoza as a youngster, it was clear that his destination would be Barcelona. Of course: no one then raised their voices or checkbooks. Except for one: his name is Monchi and he is the Sporting Director of Sevilla. And of him, his knowledge of the market and his talent to see and revalue players no one doubts. Chance?.


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