RELEASED: 17:39 November 29, 2018 | UPDATED: 18:45 November 29, 2018

Sami Sidhom Picture: SAMER SIDHOM

Sami Sidhom Picture: SAMER SIDHOM


A father whose only child came home after a West Ham game talked for the first time of losing his son.

Samer Sidhom, the father of the murder victim Sami Sidhom. Picture: KEN MEARSSamer Sidhom, the father of the murder victim Sami Sidhom. Picture: KEN MEARS

Sami Sidhom was 18 years old when he was attacked on Chestnut Avenue, Forest Gate. He died a few meters outside his front door.

His father, Samer Sidhom, who spoke seven months after the deadly attack – on 16 April believed it was a case of false identity – said: "I miss him every day, from waking up to bedtime night.

"It was devastating for the family. Sami was more than my son. He was my best friend. We did everything together and went together everywhere.

"There is no place where I do not miss him."

Flowery tributes near Sami's death. Picture: KEN MEARSFlowery tributes near Sami's death. Picture: KEN MEARS

He described his son as a brilliant young man who would take his grandmother to the hospital and medical appointments.

"He was everything for her," said Mr. Sidhom. "She was devastated. Our life ended when Sami's life was taken. "

Sami studied law and history at Queen Mary University in London after graduating from Newham Collegiate Sixth Form.

"He would help all his friends. He was first class in his class. He had friends from all races. You also miss him, "said Mr. Sidhom.

Det Ch Insp Mark Wrigley. Picture: KEN MEARSDet Ch Insp Mark Wrigley. Picture: KEN MEARS

As a season ticket holder, Sami regularly saw West Ham at his stadium in London Stadium, where fans got a one-minute applause in honor of their fellow campaigners.

When he was interested in multiplayer video games, when opponents from around the world found out he had been murdered, they changed their avatar characters to read "RIP Sami".

Well-wishers also participated in a Peace Walk from Forest Gate to Woolwich and organized a vigil on Wanstead Flats.

Mr. Sidhom said, "The community was brilliant. They were touched by what happened because it could have been one of their children. "

Sami's father spoke near where his son died and called for witnesses to come forward. Anyone with information leading to a conviction was offered a £ 20,000 reward.

He said, "If you have information, please contact us. Sami did not deserve to die. He had just returned from a football game and someone decided to take his life away. They took everything from him and from the family.

"So if you have any information, please come forward."

So far, police have arrested eight teenagers aged 15 to 22 years.

Thinking that Sami's killers were still at liberty, Mr. Sidhom said, "It makes me angry that they are still walking the streets.

"It is possible that they could do that again. I do not want any family to go through what we went through. "

Det Ch Insp. Wrigley, who led the investigation, said parts of the puzzle are still in place.

Sami had come back by bus and gone to Sebert Road on Woodgrange Road.

However, he took a longer walk home along Cranmer Road to avoid a group of men who were attacked in a car near railway arches on Avenue Road.

DCI Wrigley said that individuals in a small silver car later discovered Sami and possibly confused him with one of the people they were fighting with.

Three people jumped out, chasing Sami down the street and stabbing him near his front door.

He called for witnesses to the fight on Avenue Road or the attack to step forward.

"The community was very brave when it came to the front. Sami's family was fantastic, despite everything they go through, "said DCI Wrigley.

He called everyone involved in the Avenue Road fight to contact the police.

"A young man was senselessly taken out of his family. This was a cowardly attack by three people on a defenseless young man. Sami was not involved in any crime. Now is the time for people to step forward, "he added.

Anyone with information should call 020 8345 3715 or Tweet @MetCC or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.