The field, the sector most affected by Gamma and Delta

Mérida.— The Yucatán countryside was the activity most affected by the rains and winds from tropical storm Gamma and Hurricane Delta, said Jorge Díaz Loeza, head of the state Rural Development Secretariat (Seder).

The official yesterday made a tour in the eastern part of the state to verify the damage, where he visited various productive units that were flooded and was informed about the losses of sheep and cattle, as well as the production of corn, papaya and vegetables; in addition to the effects on beekeeping and vast extensions of grasslands.

Díaz Loeza pointed out that, at the moment, there are many flooded roads and with trees that physically impede the passage of personnel, so that the totality of the surface that was affected by the meteorological phenomena cannot yet be determined.

Given the situation, Díaz Loeza assured that coordination with the municipal authorities will be maintained to receive the reports, analyze the damage and provide the necessary help.

“We are receiving information from affected municipalities such as Espita, Sucilá, Panabá, Valladolid, Chemax and Tizimín, among other municipalities —where the Gamma and Delta phenomena left severe effects—, in order to evaluate the situation and work on the actions to be taken to support producers ”, he explained.

The official stressed that, in these types of cases, the union of efforts is essential to help the greatest number of people, as happened a few months ago with the passage of storms Amanda and Cristóbal, when various support programs were activated, such as replanting corn and soybeans; economic resources for beekeeping and agricultural credits, among others.

Díaz Loeza explained that the Seder received the instruction from Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to move the two well drilling machines to help lower the water level in the flooded areas of Tizimín.

Flooding continues in the capital

Three days from the Delta pass, several subdivisions and homes in five police stations and in southern Mérida are still flooded.

According to the city council of the state capital, this is related to the overflow of the water tables in the city, due to the large amount of water that has fallen in recent weeks by tropical storms Cristóbal, Amanda, Gamma and finally Hurricane Delta.

The director of municipal Social Development, José Luis Martínez Semerena, reported that in five police stations in the city, about 100 homes were affected by the meteor. “People don’t even have a place to sleep, because the water reaches their waists,” he said.

The official affirmed that given the disappearance of Fonden, they do not know under what mechanisms the federal government will think to help or collaborate with state and municipal authorities to support the victims.

“Pipes have been mobilized to de-water the water, but this work will last between four and seven more days,” said Martínez Semerena.


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