The fine that Barcelona must pay for Messi’s tribute to Maradona

BARCELONA. FC Barcelona will be sanctioned with a fine for the tribute that its star, Lionel Messi, dedicated on the pitch to his compatriot Diego Armando Maradona. Thus, in addition to the yellow warning that the forward received, the club will have to face a financial sanction.

The culé celebrated his team’s fourth goal during the league game that faced CA Osasuna, getting up and taking off his Barça shirt to show that of Newells Old Boys, the Argentine team in which Maradona played and in which Messi would love himself retire in the future, as a tribute after the death of someone who has been considered by many to be the best footballer in history.

The gesture, which was shared on the networks by the Argentine club, led to a yellow card for the player, as well as an economic sanction that can be raised up to 3,000 euros.

According to the regulations of the Spanish league, which is not the only one with these types of provisions, the footballer who “lifts his shirt and displays any kind of advertising, slogan, legend, acronyms, anagrams or drawings, whatever its contents or the purpose of the action will be punished, as the author of a serious offense, with a fine of up to 3,000 euros and a warning ”.

In Spain, these sanctions are always paid by the club to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and are included in the bag that all teams have open with the RFEF itself, so it will be FC Barcelona who must take charge of the fine. Its payment is not immediate, but occurs at the end of the season when the amount of penalties that each entity has to pay is set.




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