The first BNEW (Barcelona New Economy Week) lays the foundations for hybrid events – Portal Turístico

The economic and business meeting, the Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) It has had about 11,000 participants, mostly online due to the health situation.

The BNEW, promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, ​​has closed its first edition with a figure close to 11,000 registered from 111 countries. “Without a doubt, I hope to all and many more next year,” said the special delegate of the State in the Barcelona Free Zone, Pere Navarro, during the balance of this hybrid or dual event, which has allowed to follow it in a face-to-face and also online. In fact, more than 90% have participated digitally. The meeting has become an example to celebrate future events in a complex healthcare environment such as the current one, because “it has been a success”, in the words of Pere Navarro.

The delegate in the Barcelona Free Zone recalled some of the figures recorded during the BNEW. Pere Navarro has encrypted more than 23,000 contacts between professionals from the different economic activities present at the event, which has broadcast 160 hours of content over four days with the participation of 390 speakers spread over 96 panels. The development of the BNEW, emphasized Pere Navarro, has also motivated the work of 700 people, directly and indirectly. All these data corroborate that “we have created a global space of economic opportunities”, said the delegate of the Barcelona Free Zone. In addition, he added that the BNEW “has generated a climate of optimism and collaboration” in an environment marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

For the organization of the meeting, two million euros have been invested, but this first edition has already been economically sustainable, according to its promoters. Likewise, “the event has had a close public-private collaboration with the participation of 37 sponsoring companies and more than 50 agreements with sectoral clusters on a global scale”, according to the Barcelona Free Zone.

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