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Captain Hannah Graf rose to the highest ranking transgender woman in the British Army

A former transgender officer was appointed MBE by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace.

Captain Hannah Graf from Cardiff rose to the highest-ranking transgender woman in the British army.

After gaining the honor for service to the LGBTQ community in the military, she celebrated the embrace of the army by transgender people.

Captain Graf called the move by US President Donald Trump to banish certain transgender people from the military "archaic."

The 32-year-old living in London and working for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attended the ceremony with her family, including her husband Jake, who is also a transgender.

Captain Graf said, "I think (MBE) is especially important, considering what is going on in the United States, where Commander-in-Chief says that transgender people do not deserve to serve.

"It's a stark contrast and I'm very proud to be in the British Army today, and my heart goes to all those people in the US who do not take advantage of these opportunities."

She added that the US should "completely reconsider its position."

"There are diligent, highly skilled, highly motivated, deeply integrated people who are losing their US military jobs due to this archaic law."

In contrast, Captain Graf said Prince William was "very supportive" in talking about her experiences and his experiences with the transgender community from his time in the RAF.

"Transgender people have a lot to offer, as do all people with different backgrounds, and the armed forces need that diversity and strength, that different mindset that puts people in a situation," she added.