The four-year-old Great Sankey drowns on vacation in a tragic accident

An adventurous four-year-old boy from Great Sankey died after drowning on a family vacation, an investigation found.

Isaac Webster was on vacation in Egypt with his parents, Andy and Kelly, and his brother Leo, when he was found unresponsive in the swimming pool of an adult hotel in April 2017.

During a hearing in the Warrington coroner’s court on Friday, Isaac’s mom Kelly Havey recalled the harrowing incident.

He said: “Isaac was a very adventurous child.

“It was always in the kindergarten accident book.

“He was very hyperactive and would never stop.

“He was always on the move, playing and going out on bikes and scooters.”

On April 18, 2017, the family went on holiday to Egypt with Thomas Cook, staying in the Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel.

There was a swimming pool for children and one for adults, but the barrier separating the two did not go completely.

On the second day of the holidays, Isaac was playing in the paddling pool.

The courthouse heard how Kelly turned around to get some sunscreen, turned around and couldn’t see her son.

He approached a lifeguard for help, but pointed out that he had never seen any lifeguard on duty before.

Kelly said, “He entered the paddling pool with me and went for a ride.

“He didn’t even ask what Isaac looked like.

“As soon as I got out of the paddling pool, that’s when I saw Isaac.”

It was found unresponsive in the adult pool.

The staff started CPR and an ambulance was called which took 15-20 minutes to arrive.

At the Nile hospital, the family was visited by the British embassy and Egyptian police, who told Kelly to make a statement.

While not understanding what he was signing, he said, “I had to do it there and then, I had no choice.”

Isaac started showing signs of improvement but was still in serious condition on a ventilator with brain activity concerns.

The following day, April 20, Isaac began convulsions and his condition deteriorated.

Kelly remembered, “It was the night before he died.

“He had a severe chest infection and they couldn’t control his temperature.”

Isaac died at 11 the following morning.

Kelly added, “Doctors have not clarified what the cause of death was.”

Thomas Cook said he did not own or control the hotel.

In addition, there was no CCTV of the accident and no record of similar incidents in the past.

The staff said they tried to comfort the family in the hospital in the best possible way.

Alan Moore, Cheshire’s senior coroner, described Isaac as a “fit, healthy and very active four year old boy”.

As for the accident, he added: “It is likely that he made his way between the two pools through the crack in the barrier.”

The investigation concluded that Isaac died of respiratory failure from drowning.

Contributing to this was an infection in his lungs and respiratory tract.

After Isaac’s death in 2017, a fundraising page was created.

He raised £ 11,425 to help cover funeral costs and provide financial support for his family’s monthly bills.

In a statement released following the investigation, Isaac’s family said: “We as a family wish to pay homage to Isaac: a beloved son, grandson, great-grandson, grandson, cousin and friend of all who knew him.

“Isaac was really beautiful. He was kind, kind and loving.

“He had a generous spirit, was fun and gave off all the best qualities of a happy and loved child.

“Even though his life has been cruelly short, he has filled us so much and those lucky enough to know him will remember him as a bright and effervescent child who brought people together.

“While time without him has passed cruelly and relentlessly, our happy memories and the pain that comes with it have not diminished.

“Those precious memories burn intensely and, because of the love we have for him, they will never fade.

“For the sake of our family, we had to collect the broken pieces of a life without Isaac, but it is kept with us, still in the heart of our family.

“We wish to thank again the people, friends and strangers who brought together our time of need in our time.

“People who raised funds spontaneously and generously so that we could offer our son a very appropriate tribute.

“The burden of coping with his devastating loss was alleviated by the love and support of others and was a measure of how much Isaac was loved.

“We would like to thank the Cheshire police for their support, Her Majesties Coroner for his work and Slater Gordon for their experience in driving through the legal process.

“Finally, we ask as a family that we be given space and privacy to suffer and reflect on today’s hearing.

“The indescribable pain – because there are no words, because the loss of Isaac has been brought to the fore again.”

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