The Franchise’s Most Dangerous Troopers – Star Wars – Spoiler Time

Not all troopers are inept who shoot into the air, in fact there are many of them who are highly trained soldiers. With the premiere of The Bad Batch between us, and to celebrate the day of Star Wars, we remember them.

6 Hardcase

The heavy weapons enthusiast had his most notable appearance at the Arch of Umbara in The Clone Wars. Hardcase he delights in the chaos of battle, but knows when he is outmatched. Not wanting to see his brothers die unnecessarily, along with Fives he manages to uncover the secrets of the Umbarans’ starfighters to use to his own advantage.

Disobeying the orders of the General PongKrell To save his brothers who are walking towards a slaughter, he assists in the attack on a Separatist command ship, attacking it from the inside. Hardcase he chooses to stay behind to destroy the ship and his sacrifice is remembered as the element that gave them victory.

5 Gregor

During the episode Missing In Action from The Clone Wars, Gregor is an amnesiac clone that appears to be a simple pot scrubber, but once you remember how to handle a rifle it is comparable to a John Wick science fiction capable of fighting dozens of droids.

He was initially thought to have died after covering the leak from the Colonel Meebur Gascon and his team of droids, but made a surprise appearance next to the Captain Rex and the Commander Wolffe on Star Wars Rebels. Even if Gregor had undergone a slight personality change after removing the inhibitor chip, and suffered from mild bouts of insanity, but that did not stop him from helping The Ghost Crew to fight the Great Almirante Thrawn.

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4 Fordo

This red trooper gave a great battle to the General Grievous on Clone Wars. It is first introduced to us during the Battle for Muunilinst, where it helps Obi-Wan to stop the Separatist leaders, even fighting with the bounty hunter Durge in the process.

He and his team were sent to rescue a group of Jedi in duel against him General Grievous. Surrounded by an army of droids, Fordo He was able to carry his troop transport, fend off the murderous Jedi general, rescue the survivors, and escape without a scratch. It’s fair to say the odds were almost even.

3 Fives

Fives experience one of the largest arches in The Clone Wars. We see him throughout his training, his graduation, his rise to ARC Trooper and even as a fugitive. It is one of the best examples of the clones represented as more than just soldiers.

Fives He was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in, and placed the lives of his friends above all else, even if it meant drawing the general’s ire Pong Krell. This fierce loyalty and the need to do the right thing were sadly the very things that would lead to his tragic death.

2 Finn

Finn He only wore the helmet for a couple of minutes in the movie, but don’t forget that he started out as a trooper and then ran away to end up fighting alongside the rebels.

The character of John Boyega He did not have the ending that we all wanted, but we cannot put aside his courage to face any opponent, his intelligence and his versatility in combat.

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1 Rex

Next to Ahsoka Tano, the Captain Rex was the best written character of The Clone Wars. Learning to think for himself, he has a fierce loyalty to his General Jedi and his comrades. It also assumes many of the traits and teachings of Anakin and acts like an older brother of Ahsokaas well as a role model for his men.

Rex came back in Rebels next to Gregor Y Wolffe. Joining Right and his team continued to bring new and exciting ideas to the program. See a clone and a Jedi interact after the Order 66 create great moments. He even participated in the Battle of Endor, joining the strike team of Han Solo. With the direction it’s taking The Mandalorian, we may see it sooner than expected.

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