The front pages of the newspapers for Monday, February 21, 2021



The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our newsroom include, among others, the following news on their front pages:

THE COUNTRY: “The management of violence aggravates instability in Catalonia”; “Two-thirds of millennials lose income from covid”; “The EU tries to harmonize the ‘Tobin tax’ in 10 countries”; “Israel launches a safe conduct for vaccinated”; “Europeans without papers in the UK. The new rules after Brexit require regularization of residence before July.”

THE WORLD: “The Court orders the repatriation of the Swiss booty of Bárcenas and Correa”; “Vox cuts ground to the PP after 14F, but continues to eight points”; “Toni Cantó, Cs spokesperson in Valencia:” They have asked me to lead Cs, but Inés is indisputable “”; “The PSOE tries that Brussels does not return to put limits of deficit before 2023”.

THE VANGUARD: “The companies accuse the Government of its tepid condemnation of the riots”; “ERC and Junts face the decisive week for the government pact”; “Interview with Alejandro Luzón, Anticorruption Prosecutor:” There is no evidence of illegalities such as the Catalunya operation “”; “The EU seeks consensus to approve more sanctions on Russia.”

ABC: “Moncloa accepts the demand of the PP to leave Podemos out of the CGPJ. The popular ones hope to close an agreement this week to renew the highest body of judges despite pressure from Iglesias”; “The new face of poverty left by Covid in Spain. The pandemic lengthens the queues of those most in need, it has gone from 400 meals a month to 4,000 a day.”

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THE NEWSPAPER: “Sánchez prioritizes the reform of sedition to process pardons”; “Isolated violent episodes”; “Opa a Naturgy: dilemma in Moncloa”; “Europe is preparing to de-escalate slowly and avoid another wave”; “Guantánamo awaits the closure of the prison after 19 years of controversial existence”; “The Generalitat investigates a center for expelling an autistic young man”.

THE REASON: “Zarzuela and Moncloa negotiate the return of Don Juan Carlos”; “Ayuso leads the approach to charges of Citizens”; “The CGPJ is willing to continue with the renewal even if there is no agreement”; “The judge who charged Monedero detects at least three irregularities in Podemos”; “Respite after Christmas: eight regions leave the threshold of maximum risk”.

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