The front pages of the newspapers of Saturday, November 14



The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our newsroom include, among others, the following news on their front pages:

THE COUNTRY: “Fernández:” There are manipulated SMS “. Martínez:” I am not a forger “. The judicial investigation of the Kitchen operation”; “From Morocco to the Canary Islands due to the drought, the pandemic and unemployment”; “Biden finally gets a big win thanks to Georgia and Arizona”; “The ‘Celaá law’ faces its final stretch with a bitter debate on Spanish”; “Burgos: drowned by the virus”.

THE WORLD: “The IMF disarms the government’s tax hike for hitting” low incomes “”; “Boris Johnson sacrifices his guru”; “Sánchez imposes the swallow of Bildu and considers the crisis settled. The PSOE refuses to guarantee 25% of classes in Spanish as requested by Cs”; “Burgos, out of control by the virus:” We have closed even the cathedral “”; “The financier of IU blames Podemos before the judge for the irregular contracts with Neurona.”

THE VANGUARD: “The IMF asks Spain for more public spending until it grows again”; “The architect of Brexit jumps out of the boat”; “Pharmacies will sell prescription Covid tests”; “Fernández Díaz to his former number two:” You called me miserable “”; “Interview with the candidates of Junts. Laura Borrás:” The steps towards independence cannot be parked. “Damià Calvet:” We must govern with a state mentality “”.

ABC: “The IMF dismantles the economic recipe of Sánchez and Iglesias. It praises Rajoy’s labor reform because it reduces inequality and favors job creation”; “Goodbye to Castilian, to religion and to free choice. Approved the opinion of the ‘Celaá law’ that corners the concerted and religion, and allows nationalism to banish Castilian.”

THE NEWSPAPER: “Catalan SMEs are rebelling against the closure. Employers are promoting an avalanche of lawsuits against the Generalitat for the cost of the restrictions”; “Bildu’s endorsement of Sánchez’s accounts reopens cracks in the PSOE”; “Madrid attributes its improvement to antigen tests”; “Fiction exorcises the ETA taboo”.

THE MAIL: “Accused of beheading her partner in Castro.” I have had nothing to do with the death of Jesús Mari “, responds Carmen Merino before the judge a year later”; “Urkullu’s covid advisory committee has more managers than experts in pandemics”; “Sánchez ignores the unrest in his party and counts on Bildu for the legislature”; “The aid for the closure of businesses opens a dispute between the Lehendakari and the hoteliers”; “The IMF asks the Government not to raise VAT”; “Banco Santander raises 4,000 layoffs”.

THE REASON: “The war is back: Ferraz accuses Page and Vara of working for the PP”; “The PSOE rejects that 25% of the classes are given in Spanish as requested by Ciudadanos. The IMF questions Sánchez’s budget plan”; “An expert believes that the sms attributed to Fernández Díaz are manipulated”; “Arkaitz, the new Otegi who” wants to overthrow the regime “”.

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