The funniest memes about Trump’s defeat

Joe Biden wins the US presidential election, but Donald Trump remains stubborn and does not want to recognize the election. In the meantime, people are making fun of the election of Donald Trump online.

The Statue of Liberty is certainly glad he’s gone:

Very grown up, Donald, really:

An artistic meme:

Only fans of the video game «Among Us» understand this meme:

Or how about a parody of the classic film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”:

A reference to his tweet that you have to stop the counting of votes:

Donald Trump would certainly be great at playing the lottery:

A meme for all Star Wars fans:

The circus is over:

Already a bit older, but quite amusing when you think of the situation in January when Trump had to leave the White House:

Trump found out on the golf course that he was voted out of office:

Trumpsche Logik:

And last but not least: A speech by Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) on the outcome of the elections:

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(Video: Youtube/Saturday Night Live)

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