The gadgets of the future are here

Some of those devices that we imagined twenty or thirty years ago, when the futuristic ‘boom’, are already here: refrigerators that make the shopping list, speakers that organize your agenda, printers that ask for the ink cartridges when they are running out … Machines, appliances and objects include new functions to make life easier. The Internet of Things, which is how the digital connection of everyday objects through the Internet is known, is already much more than light bulbs connected remotely. Here are some curious examples of this modern life.

Renews the oxygen in the water and cleanses it of impurities
Fish tank with remote control

Although it is not manufactured by Xiaomi, it is sold by this Japanese brand in its store, Youpin, and on Aliexpress. The space for the fish is divided into two parts, each with an independent feeder for which schedules can be set. With a capacity of almost nine liters of water, it can live in it between four and six small fish or three or four medium-sized fish. The pump inside renews the oxygen in the water and cleans it of impurities; and it also has LED lights. Everything is controlled through the Mi Home app. In the upper part it has a space to put a plant.

Price: € 38.41

Monitor respiration and activate the alarm
Smart pajamas for seniors

The Japanese company Xenoma launched the e-Skin line in 2020, smart pajamas with a rather traditional look, the kind that older people tend to like: soft fabrics, two pieces and sober colors (dark blue with white stripes, ocher, green or blue), as well as tracksuits in discreet tones. So far, without news. The extraordinary thing is that these garments detect the vital signs of the wearer: they monitor breathing, heart rate and vital signs during sleep and, if the person stumbles and falls, activates an alarm that warns the contact that they have been indicated. If the house is smart, they can also adapt the temperature of the environment. The tracksuit measures the daily activity of the person.

Notice via Bluetooth
Robot for toilet paper

No more voices from the bathroom when the toilet paper runs out. Rollbot is designed to solve those situations in which whoever is in the toilet is aware that there is no paper left when they need it and can carry a roll to the bathroom. It is marketed by the North American toilet paper company Charmin. It has sensors to avoid colliding with the house during the journey when it works autonomously. To encourage the person in distress, the screen at the front shows a bear face. It is accompanied by an app for the mobile phone in which the notification can be sent via Bluetooth. It is still a prototype.

A laser indicates the position
Mosquito detector

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, they also carry dangerous diseases. Bzigo detects them inside homes using artificial vision algorithms that perceive the movement of small living beings with image sensors and infrared light. It processes them, identifies the mosquito and points out its exact location with a harmless low-power laser. Once it has detected the annoying insect, it sends a notification to the user’s mobile phone so that it can be eliminated.

Price: It is scheduled to go on the market this year with a price of 137 euros.

Provides information on calorie burning
Jump rope

There are a good number of ropes that measure the jumps that the user has taken and the time that they have been exercising – some models have been sold out in these months. But some offer more possibilities, such as the Smart Rope Rookie from Tangram Factory, which transfers that data to the SmartRope app, where information on calories burned is displayed as well as tips for interval training and keeping the person motivated through prizes and challenges with friends. If it is synchronized with Healthkit on iOS, it better estimates the user’s physical condition. The length of the rope is adjustable and can be used by people up to 2.08 meters tall.

Price: 50.95 euros

Siime Eye vibrator

This Svakom vibrator incorporates a high definition camera –photography or video– that sends the image via Wifi to a computer or mobile phone, in which a specific driver must be installed and, for more security, it includes a password to be able to enter the application. It is submersible and suitable for the shower. It charges via USB. It has an intelligent mode that varies the frequency of the vibration.

Price: 193.50 euros

Ensures you have the necessary water and nutrients
Smart planter

Not everyone has a ‘green hand’, but Click & Grow’s smart planter may be the solution for those who have all the plants dying. It uses a low consumption and efficient led lamp and includes basil capsules with everything necessary for the plants to live for a year (then more capsules can be purchased with other plant species). The sensor that incorporates the planter ensures that the plant has the water, oxygen and nutrients it needs to germinate and grow. It does not use pesticides or plant hormones.

Price: € 189.95


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