the gala continues today live with David Broncano, raffles and many surprises

Finally the day has come! Today, November 19 from 8:00 p.m., we will celebrate the Xataka 2020 Awards, which you can follow live in streaming from here on our website and from our YouTube channel. This time it will be a virtual gala but, like other years, it will be full of surprises and gifts. All this with a great master of ceremonies: David Broncano, who repeats this year as presenter.

We will award prizes in 24 categories, of which we have already published the finalists. Your votes have not only chosen those finalists, but they have also been counted (weighing one third) together with those of the jury to choose the winners. In addition, we will award the Community Award to the device that has received the most votes from you. And attention, that even if it is virtual we will have more giveaways than ever.

Follow the gala live from here

  • Time: from 8:00 p.m. (peninsular time Spain).

Giveaways and lots of gifts

As is tradition at the Xataka Awards, during the gala we will announce numerous raffles with which you can win a lot of gifts. We will explain the dynamics of the draw face in the streaming (although I recommend that you also have on hand our Twitter account Y our Instagram account), but we can anticipate the gifts that we will have:

  • 1 Youin electric bike
  • Various Xiaomi products
  • 10 subscriptions to El Corte Inglés Plus
  • 3 Live mobiles
  • 1 weekend experience + Hyundai car loan
  • 2 mobile phones, 2 headphones, 2 watches and 1 Huawei laptop
  • 2 Medion laptops
  • 1 realme mobile + 2 additional mobiles that we will raffle next week (pay attention!)
  • 1 OPPO mobile

Pay attention to streaming because we will inform you of how to participate!

The awards

As every year, the editors of Xataka have made a preselection of the most outstanding devices in each category and we ask you, our xatakeros, that you help us choose the finalists for each category with your votes.

For choose the winners, a jury of specialized journalists from Xataka and other media (which we present below) has voted for their favorites from among all the finalist products chosen by the public. In addition, the vote of the readers also adds up here (with weight one third) to choose the winners. The winners in each category will be announced at today’s Xataka Awards gala.

These are categories that we have this year (and here you can see the finalists):

Smartphones, wearables y tablets

  • Best super high-end smartphone
  • Best high-end smartphone
  • Best mid-range smartphone
  • Best entry-level smartphone
  • Best quantifying smartwatch / bracelet
  • Best tablet

Computers and peripherals

  • Best laptop
  • Best convertible laptop
  • Best desktop computer
  • Best gaming laptop
  • Best Gaming Desktop Computer
  • Best component or peripheral
  • Best equipment for professionals

Image, sound and home

  • Best high-end TV
  • Best entry and mid-range TV
  • Best sound device
  • Best Advanced Camera
  • Best connected device in the home


  • Best innovation in a gadget


  • Best Tech Car
  • Best sports gadget
  • Best Original Streaming Series / Movie
  • Best video game

Community Award:

  • Community award to the device / technology / candidate with the most votes from the xatakeros received during the voting phase.

Regarding the requirements to participate, each device, technology or candidate must have gone on sale in Spain during 2020 or do so with a confirmed date before the end of the year. Additionally, the products that went on the market after the 2019 Awards and did not compete, have also been counted for this edition (and those that have been left out this year will compete in 2021). As we cannot celebrate the awards on December 31, we believe this is the best solution.

The jury of the 2020 Xataka Awards

For our jury this year we have once again had a group of journalists and experts specialized in technology, both from Xataka and other media. On the part of the internal jury “of the house”, the members are well-known names that you can read frequently in Engadget and other Webedia publications:

Xataka Jury
  • Antonio Ortiz (@antonello), Webedia Publishing Director
  • Javier Pastor (@javipas), editor of Xataka
  • Anna Marti (@__Martinelli), editor of Xataka
  • Jose Garcia (@JoseDextro), editor of Xataka
  • Antonio Sabán (@Ansamor), editor of Genbeta
  • Javier Penalva (@solenoid), editor of Xataka
  • Yúbal Fernández (@Yubal_FM), editor of Xataka
  • Javier Lacort (@jlacort), editor of Xataka
  • Jesus Leon (@jesusleong), head of social networks at Xataka
  • Eva Rodriguez (@missTakanawa), editor of Xataka
  • Ricardo Aguilar (@MrBrickerr), editor of Xataka Android / Xataka Móvil
  • Cesar Muela (@cesarmuela), editorial coordinator
  • Maria Gonzalez (@kyravms), director of Xataka
  • Enrique Perez (@lyzanor), editor of Xataka
  • Juan Carlos Lopez (@juanklore), editor of Xataka
  • Amparo Babiloni (@aBabiloni), director of Xataka Android / Xataka Móvil
  • Samuel Fernandez (@samfdz), editor of Xataka Android / Xataka Móvil
  • Ivan Linares (@ivsu), editor of Xataka Android / Xataka Móvil.
  • Mario Arroyo placeholder image (@ Embi41), video editor Xataka.

In addition to the internal Xataka team, in our jury we have also had the luxury of having journalists and technology experts from other media, to whom We greatly appreciate your participation at the 2020 Xataka Awards:

External JuryExternal Jury
  • Chema Flores (@Chemamalaga), section chief of Omicrono.
  • Pablo rosillo (@ rosillo16), Coordinator and Youtuber at Urban Tecno
  • Carolina Denia (@CarolinaD) and Juan Castromil (@castromil), confusing Clipset
  • Enrique In (@edans), Profesor IE Business School
  • Michael Mcloughlin (@michaelMCsaez), Editor of Teknautas / El Confidencial
  • Marta Juste (@mrtjuste), Expansión technology journalist
  • Ana Muñoz de Frutos (@amudef), Writer and
  • Alex Barredo (@somospostpc), podcaster and
  • William of the Palace (@ 13370N3), technology writer at Pixel / El Mundo
  • Elena Santos (@chicageek), a journalist specializing in technology at Chicageek.
  • Fernando Alvarez del Vayo (@alvarezdelvayo), editor-in-chief at El Androide Libre.
  • Albert Cuesta (@ChannelPDA), contributor to Ara, Catalunya Ràdio, Mobile World Live.
  • Isabel Rubio (@isabelrubioa), journalist specialized in Technology who collaborates with the newspaper El País.

Special Jury for Best Video Game

For the Best Video Game award, we have been fortunate to have our specialized journalists together with representatives of 3D Games, MGG and of Extra Life, Xataka’s sister publications on videogames.

Videogames JuryVideogames Jury

Special Jury Best Original Streaming Series / Movie

Similarly, to choose the winner in our new category of Best Original Streaming Series / Film, we have also counted on specialized journalists from Sensation Y Espinof, the entertainment publications of our “home”.

Jury Peli SeriesJury Peli Series
  • Alejandro G. Calvo (@AlejandroGCalvo), director of Sensacine
  • Alicia perez (@apferreiros), TV series managing editor en Sensacine
  • Santiago Gimeno (@SantiGimenoA), editor-in-chief at Sensacine
  • Albertini (@Albertini), editor of Espinof
  • Juan Luis Caviaro (@jlcaviaro), Director of Espinof
  • John Tones (@johntones), editor of Xataka
  • Roberto Jimenez (@probertoj), technology publisher at Webedia
  • Esther Miguel Trula (@flamencastone), Magnet editor at Xataka

Special jury Best sports gadget

For the Best Sports Gadget award, Rachel Rodriguez (@LadyFirnessMAD), director of Vitonic, has thrown us a cable voting to choose the best device.

Jury Car And GadgetJury Car And Gadget

Special Jury Best Tech Car

And finally, for the technology car category, our special jury, courtesy of our colleagues from Motorcycle, has been:

Thank you all very much and we are waiting for you at the 2020 Xataka Awards!

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