Samsung gives its flagship Galaxy S10 a fresh new look and it's an update many fans will surely appreciate.

The Korean technology company has just released a series of new wallpapers that not only bring a space theme to the Galaxy phone, but also help hide the ugly pinhole camera on the front.

This selfie snapper has sparked some controversy since it was first released in March. Samsung tried something different by turning away from the notch found on iPhones.

Although it takes up less space on the screen, the design of the S10 is not ideal, especially if you opt for the S10 + with its much larger twin-lens camera that protrudes like a very sore thumb.

Fortunately, those who download these new wallpapers will find that the punch is now cleverly hidden in the designs.

In fact, you'll have trouble seeing this selfie snapper at all.

In a post in his Twitter feed, Samsung announced the update with the words, "New wallpapers have landed. Launch the Space Week with rockets, space travelers and more. "Only in Galaxy Store # GalaxyNote10 # GalaxyS10"

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This new wallpaper will appear when another update is planned for the Galaxy S10.

Samsung has confirmed that the work on One UI 2 is very intense. This will replace its current operating system, which is preinstalled on new devices.

A UI 2 will be based on Android 10, which means there will be plenty of new features and security updates coming soon.

The South Korean company recently released promotional material for the new software update, which states that a beta for One UI 2 will be released soon. All members of the Galaxy S10 series were eligible – except for the enormously large Galaxy S10 5G.

There is no news at the moment, but Samsung is hosting a developer conference at the San Jose Convention Center in California later this month. Therefore, it is quite possible that the technology company will present One UI 2 and all of its new features.