The game was about to end

It was recently announced that The Division 2 will continue in 2021 and beyond, with new content to come. But that is obviously anything but self-evident. Because as the message shows, the support for the game was probably about to end.

The Division 2 has now announced: After Ubisoft gave hope for the future of The Division 2 a few days ago, the team behind the title has now turned to the fans in a personal message.

In short, the developers would like to thank the players for their support and are excited to announce that additional content for The Division 2 will be released later this year.

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But the news also shows how tight this decision must have been. Because even the development team seems a little surprised that they can work on more content for The Division 2 even after year 2.

No substantial content after year 2 was planned

The news reveals that: Apparently it was intended that Title Update 12 would be the last major update for The Division 2. Some players had already suspected this and the team has now confirmed it in their message.

So the game would probably not have received any substantial content or innovations beyond year 2 (ends with season 4 at the beginning of March). Because these – even the seasons, by the way – have always come into play with the big title updates.

Would there have been new content afterwards? Probably not according to the old plan

The fact that it continues after all is mainly thanks to the continued passion and support of fans and players. At least that’s what it sounds like. The developers thank you for this and emphasize again and again how much it means to them. It really seems like they didn’t really believe in it anymore.

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But that was also the case for numerous fans: After the Star Wars project became known and since the game has generally been noticeably quiet lately, many had already speculated on the “end” of The Division 2.

Some people assumed that the shooter could only be kept on the back burner in year 3 and would continue to run (if at all) without substantial new content – at most with seasons. And that could actually only just be averted.

What’s next now? There is no precise schedule. The developers are basically just saying that they are already working on fresh content to be released later in 2021. Further details are to follow, currently it is still too early for that.

division 2 warlord expansion warlords red
Is there another expansion from the caliber “Warlords of New York”? Hopefully we’ll find out soon

But it also means that you are only at an early stage of development. Right at the beginning of year 3, i.e. in March, you should not expect this content. It is currently not known whether it will continue with another season or initially for a while without new content.

What do you think? Are you happy that The Division 2 will continue and that new content will come for it? What do you think what kind of content it will be? A new addition in the style of Warlords of New York? Something smaller? Or just seasons? And how likely do you think part 3 is? Let us and other readers of MeinMMO know in the comments.

By the way, at The Division 2 at the end of year 2 you can still let off steam in the Resident Evil crossover clothing event: Resident Evil is coming to The Division 2: Now you can run around like STARS

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