The goal of Ánderson Díaz

The frame was not that of the Azteca Stadium, the contest was not the 1986 World Cup, nor the rival the England National Team. However, Anderson Diaz cannot help comparing his goal with the "Goal of the Century" marked by Diego Armando Maradona.

The young man did it in the framework of the Win Sports Cup of Colombia during the defeat of his team, North from Santander, 3-2 ante Santander in the Romelio Martínez stadium of Barranquilla

The match was 1 to 1 when the midfielder took the ball in the center of the field and began to face from left to right. There were four rivals that got rid of a pure gambeta before entering the area, where he left a defender on the floor, the archer and finally, with one step, the last defender who had launched to cover his shot. In this way, Diaz crossed the finish line with the ball in his possession and without any pressure.

"What a great goal, superb play. In the Maradonian style, we could consider the score incredible", said the rapporteur, surprised by the maneuver starring Diaz. "Magic on display, pure talent!" wrote a user on social networks.

Maradona's second goal against England in the 1986 World Cup

"I am very happy to be compared with those players, excellent goals in history like Diego Maradona's ... and one sees that they say that and the truth is that it is quite gratifying for me, "he said in dialogue with Fox Sports Colombia the 18-year-old who has already entered the sights of the main South American clubs. "I was really thinking of supporting my team, getting it through and the opportunity was halfway.

"They told me 'Didn't I give you to touch her?' But no, I had already taken five off, I had to follow," he acknowledged and added: "My dream is to be a professional footballer"