The Government of Mexico will auction 19 aircraft in March

Mexico announced that next month it will auction 19 aircraft through the Institute to Return the Stolen to the People (INDEP), a decentralized public body of the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of the Mexican government.

The agency reported that on March 12 it will hold a closed-envelope auction of 19 aircraft. Some of these were part of the fleet of the Mexican Air Force, and of Federal Government institutions. The auction will be held at the facilities of the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City.

The auction was originally scheduled to take place on February 12, but was postponed due to the circulation restrictions that had been established for Mexico City since December 19, 2020 and which also included the date of the auction.

The aircraft to be auctioned are: 4 Agusta Westland helicopters, model AW109SP; 4 Eurocopter France helicopters; 3 Eurocopter Ecureuil helicopters model AS 355 N; 2 Aerospatiale helicopters; 2 Boeing aircraft; 2 Learjet; and 2 twin-engine Cessna aircraft.

The entities that transfer these helicopters, airplanes and jets are: the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, the Secretariat of the Armed Navy of Mexico (SEMAR), the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) and the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the CDMX.

Among the aircraft, the following stand out:

  • Boeing 757-225 series 22690, year of manufacture 1987, with two Turbo Reactor engines brand Rolls-Royce model RB-211-535EO-4 series 30618 and 30616, for 9 crew members and 70 passengers, with a starting price of $ 56,792,000.00 pesos Mexicans, equivalent to almost 3 million dollars.
  • Boeing 737-322 series 24361, year of manufacture 1989, with 725280 and 722421 series engines, capacity of 7 crew members and 70 passengers, whose base price is $ 32,926,000.00 Mexican pesos, equivalent to almost 1,700,000 dollars.
  • Eurocopter France Turboprop helicopter model EC225 LP series 2712, year of manufacture 2008, with an initial price of $ 67,439,000.00 Mexican pesos, equivalent to 3 million 400 thousand dollars.
  • Eurocopter France helicopter, model EC225 LP, serial number 2684, year of manufacture 1986, which has a starting price of $ 52,434,000.00 Mexican pesos, equivalent to almost 2 million 700 thousand dollars.
  • Lear Jet 31-A series 191 airplane, year of manufacture 2000, with two Allied Signal TFE731-2-3B engines, initial sale price of $ 11,760,000.00 Mexican pesos, equivalent to 580 thousand dollars.
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Those interested in participating in the auction will be able until March 11 to obtain the participation bases by entering the portal

The list of available aircraft can be seen at

March 11 is also the last day of registration of participants by sending an email to:

The auction will be held on March 12 at the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City, and the first 30 registered participants will enter the venue where the event will take place and access to companions will not be allowed, as reported by INDEP.

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