The Great Push –

Along with MDI and AWC, Blizzard has announced a new one-time event, The Great Push.

The event, which takes place between May 28-30, adds a new event to the WoW Esports echo system. While WoW’s other dungeon-based event, Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), has teams that focus on beating another team in an identical dungeon, the Great Push will see the sides fight to press the keys as high as they can.

The big push

The tournament will feature a prize pool of $ 20,000 and will feature teams from around the world. The event is open to any group of five players, with no limit on the number of teams that can enter (except for the 2048 team limit on gamebattle.MLG). The event will be a double elimination draw. Regarding the division of the prize money, the teams that take first place will take home a share of $ 8,000, and the lowest prize will go to sixth place with $ 1,000.

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The event will have rules similar to those of the MDI. Although the usual 1/3/1 composition of a tank, three DPS and a healer will not apply. Spec stacking is not allowed, however a variation of the class stacking rule in the MDI is. For the Great Push, you can bring several of the same class, for example, a Druid Rest and a Balance Druid, but not two Fire Mages.

The entire event will move into the tournament scope, allowing for team normalization, and teams will also be able to drop out and reset a brace. All dungeons will come with preset affixes.

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The tournament will begin shortly after registration closes (May 17), where your account will be flagged for the tournament scope. During this time, players can execute endless keys of any combination they want. Once the Proving Grounds portion of the tournament begins, players will receive a quest that provides them with a key that will allow them to track the progress of the teams.

You can find a full list of rules here along with the registrations for the event.

Blizzard Publication Announces New World of Warcraft Tournament: The Great Push First Appeared on Esports News Network | ESTNN.

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