‘The Great Push’ is born, the first World of Warcraft tournament of pusheo in m + –

Blizzard announced yesterday the creation from ‘The Great Push‘, the first tournament of World of Warcraft Related to higher level Mythic + dungeon pushes. Until now, all the competitions that we knew about the instances they were modality speedurn; now, it will feature a new competition based on pure pusheo.

The Great PushThe Great Push
Source: Wowhead

‘The Great Push’ was born after a time in which competitions like the ‘Mythic Dungeon Invitational‘ or the ‘Keystone Masters Tournament‘have established themselves in the esports landscape of World of Warcraft. And it does not need requirements, so any team consisting of 5 members each can sign up.


  • It is a completely separate tournament and unrelated to the MDI. Any team with five members can sign up to fight for one prize pool from 20.000$.
  • All teams will compete in an initial qualifier, which would be a Phase 1 by way of ‘Proving Grounds’. Each team will be assigned 2 random dungeons, and they must push them to the maximum difficulty possible. This phase will last dMay 22-23.
  • The top 6 that leaves this phase will go to Main Event where they will compete, now yes, with all possible dungeons in ‘Shadowlands’, the latest and current expansion for World of Warcraft.
  • The best team will be the one that gets a higher overall score adding the highest pusheo in each of the game’s dungeons.
  • No prerequisites are required, therefore all the teams you want can be signed up until May 17

‘The Great Push’ will air both on YouTube like in Twitch, and participating players will have the ability to stream their POV if they wish. Quite possibly, in Spanish we can follow it on the channel of Phobyac, who from the first day has moved the broadcasts of m + competitions in español.

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