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How about the entire MultiAnime band!

There is no doubt that one of the games most anticipated fight is Guilty Gear Strive, exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which comes out until April 9, but if you are one of those who reserved the digital edition, you have already been able to play and enjoy this beta.

Now, if you are one of the mortals like us, today you can have access to the Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta, which will be available from today February 19 until the 21 of this month, where you can access the 13 characters available.

It should be noted that Anji Moto and an extra character will not be in this beta, but from there on out, you can play in versus mode, training, tutorial and online as many times as you want until the beta lasts.

I leave you the links to download the beta, both for PS4 or PS5.



Source: ArcSystemWorksU

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