The havoc left in Honduras by tropical storm Iota

Honduras was also seriously affected by the passage of Iota, as a tropical storm, in its territory: Colón, Yoro and Olancho were the departments with the most damage.

A report by the Honduran media El Heraldo highlights that five people died in Ocotepeque, in that area, the rains in Iota destroyed three bridges and 7,000 homes.

Among those killed in Ocotepeque were 3 children, one of them barely 4 months old.

The abundant rains registered in the north of that country raised the flow of several rivers.

In Colón, more than 18,000 families are affected.

In Yoro, Tropical Storm Iota affected 113,275 people.

The Sula Valley was another of the most devastated regions, a situation that worsened because with Eta there were already several losses.

There, the ravages were the floods. The Sula Valley Flood Control Commission reported that the floods were the result of the flooding in the hydrographic basins of the Ulúa, Chamelecón, Cuyamapa, Guaymón and Manchaguala rivers.

In the Francisco Morazán area, 1,032 people were affected, 133 evacuated and two were rescued.

So far, Honduras reports a total death toll of 14 people, after rescuers found the bodies of eight citizens after reporting the landslide in the department of Lempira.

Thus, at the Central American level, 38 deaths are reported: 14 in Honduras, 18 in Nicaragua, two in the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, two in Guatemala, and one in Panama and El Salvador, respectively.

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