"Blue Heaven but Reds & # 39; Bright" read the front page of the Manchester Evening News on May 14, 2012.

Manchester City could not have written better. On the last day City had to keep up with the result of United, but after an injury QPR had to throw everything away.

But an equalizer by Edin Dzeko gave the Etihad an inch of hope before Sergio Aguero signed on to the city legend after 93 minutes and 20 seconds.

It's a moment that will never be repeated – two rivals hit the final kick of the season. The title-hungry blues triumphed in the premier league for 44 years before giants across the city who had praised their success over City too long.

Sir Alex Ferguson's Noisy Neighbors & # 39; comments in 2009 only made City overtake United, and when it came three years later, it was among the cutest circumstances.

But while the title was so dramatically secured on the final day, it was probably won earlier in the season with two more hammer blows against United.

The first of these blows was not yet fully felt at this time. Yes, City humiliated United with their 6-1 success, but if they had not been so ruthless in Old Trafford in October, the title could have ended up at United at the end of the season, regardless of Aguero's legendary goal.

City scored eight goals in the last league ahead of United. The five goals they scored at United that day were the difference between winning the title and losing.

The second decisive strike against United, the highly competitive 1-0 victory in April thanks to Vincent Kompany's tapping head, was as crucial to the title race as the Aguero goal.

With six games lead United had eight points ahead. City lost 1-0 at Arsenal to place the title in the hands of United. The squad of Roberto Mancini had to wait another year to get the title, which they absolutely wanted to get from the old Trafford.

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Not quite.

After a slip-up at Wigan, United squandered a healthy lead over Everton at home and drew 4: 4 two games later. That was five points less. City, full of confidence and nothing to lose, welcomed United in the next match at Etihad.

Enhance Kompany, whose bounce after his winning goal is just as iconic a moment in 2012's triumph as Aguero's. Eight points became zero points.

United had missed his healthy lead and the title was now in Citys hands – defeating Newcastle and QPR and it was theirs.

We all know what happens next. But it is easy to forget that the basis for the historic "aguerooooo" moment was laid in these two devastating defeats by United at the beginning of the campaign. Aguero has just delivered the last blow.

This was not unique. This was a declaration of intent: Blue sky and red hell It was a premonition for the rest of the decade – not just a reflection of what happened on that crazy day on May 13, 2012.