Nora Quoirin's parents want to know the truth about what happened to their daughter (photo: AFP / PA)

Parents in mourning for Nora Quoirin, a vulnerable person, continue to believe that she has been abducted and are determined to uncover the truth, said the family's attorney.

Charles Morel, acting on behalf of parents Sebastien, 47, and Meabh, 45, said the family had not ruled out the possibility of continuing a criminal investigation.

The French lawyer said the family was "very traumatized" by the loss of his "angel", among the comments of Nora's grandfather, who said there were still "dark areas" that needed to be addressed. solve.

Mr Morel told RTE: "But they are now concerned about the truth, because they owe it to Nora, what happened and how she died."

He added that parents were waiting for the results of DNA and toxicology tests before taking any action.

Earlier in the day, the Malaysian police announced that 15-year-old Nora had succumbed to an intestinal rupture after disappearing on Sunday (August 4th).

Mr. Morel added, "We have to be very careful with the interpretation of the first autopsy result.

Nora's family was left "traumatized" and heartbroken by her death (Photo: PA)
Parents Meabh and Sebastien do not exclude the opening of a criminal investigation (Photo: AFP)
Family Lawyer Charles Morel said the parents had to inform Nora of what had happened (Photo: BFM TV)
Nora's body was found and taken out of a helicopter at Seremban, Malaysia on August 13 (Photo: Reuters)

"The risk is that if you exclude the criminal hypothesis, it is too early to say.

"We do not want the media to interpret the first result of the autopsy by excluding the criminal hypothesis.

& # 39; It [Nora] was very shy, depended on her mother and was not in her temper to go out at night after a long trip to a place she did not know, in the jungle ".

The teenager's body was found on a small stream about 2.5 km from Dusun Beach Resort on Tuesday, where she was on vacation with her parents and two siblings.

The London schoolgirl, born with holoprosencephaly for brain impairment, was heavily dependent on her mother, Morel said.

Sylvain Quoirin, Nora's paternal grandfather, told The Irish Times that "the dark areas must be cleared for the family to mourn peacefully".

Nora's parents said that she was vulnerable and very dependent on her mother (Photo: AFP)
The research teams worked for 10 days to find Nora in the jungle (photo: AFP)
Family members are determined to find out what happened (photo: AFP)

He added, "She was not there [during earlier searches]. Someone put it there to get rid of it.

'Can you imagine walking 1.5 km, bare and barefoot, on rocks in the middle of the night? For me, it's absurd.

The grandfather said, "It is not possible that she voluntarily left herself with a stranger," because she became "anxious" when her parents were not there and clung to them and her sister.

Mr. Morel echoed this statement, stating, "Even at the location where it was found, two kilometers from the complex, it is very strange that it can go there alone, so that we can not exclude the criminal hypothesis. "

He added, "The family is still struggling to understand that she would have been alone in the jungle.

"They are afraid that she did not leave alone. They can not understand how she could go alone. "

Nora's parents have already explained that the disappearance of their daughter would not have been that of their daughter, which she has never done in previous holidays.

Negeri Sembilan's police chief, Mohamad Mat Yusop, said the officials had found no evidence of a criminal act.

Nora has been described as an "angel" (photo: PA)
Father Sébastien and Mother Meabh thanked the research teams for their efforts (photo: Gustavo Valiente)

Police said Nora, who was traveling on an Irish passport, climbed through the window of her resort room.

The Quoirins stated that Nora's condition did not allow her to be independent and that she had difficulty walking.

Describing her as a "very special person," they said she would not have gone anywhere alone.

The research teams in search of the teenager played her mother's voice in the dense Malaysian forest near her death.