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Social gatherings, the workplace, social health centers and the family environment. Those are, and in that order, the places where the highest number of coronavirus outbreaks are registered in Madrid. The Community, which publishes for the first time the breakdown of spaces where they occur, adds 1,340 of a collective or mixed scope since the first week of July – when the notification at the national level began – and 236 of a single-family scope. In the first case, there are 12,776 associated cases, in the second, 1,089.

“Most occur in the family environment” has been the response of the Community, since last summer, to the question about where the infections were mainly occurring, although it has never provided figures to accompany it. And, until last week, the traceability of cases that presented autonomy barely exceeded 15%, according to weekly data sent to the Ministry of Health. On February 11, the date of the last central government report on the main indicators for monitoring covid by autonomous regions, Madrid raised that percentage to 32.5%, that is, you know the origin of three out of ten new infections.

On these figures and on that response, the regional government has been establishing measures and restrictions since the second wave began, at the end of July. Now, the data from the weekly epidemiological bulletin published by the Community every Tuesday night indicate that, at least those outbreaks that trackers reach, have their origin in a place other than homes. This new statistic, in any case, gives information about 13,865 infections of the 482,768 that have occurred since June 29, the date on which the outbreak communication strategy to the Ministry began, 2.8%.

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389 shoots at weddings, funerals, bars or transportation

The social sphere, with 265 accumulated outbreaks and 1,836 associated cases, currently maintains six active and 35 infections. To this must be added the 124 of the section called “mixed”, which the Ministry of Health joins in an explanatory note on which places correspond to each section. Thus, “groups and social activities” correspond to “weddings, baptisms, family events and gatherings, funerals, leisure venues, hotels and catering establishments, sports centers and activities, shops, transport, extra-community trips, etc.”. If both sections are added, there are 389 outbreaks and 2,882 related infections.

After leisure, the workplace: 249 outbreaks accumulated since July and 1,345 associated infections. There are 16 assets with 75 infections. And very close to that figure, the social and health centers – residences for the elderly, minors, the disabled, day centers and occupational centers, among others -, with 248 for seven months and 4,165 infected people; It is the area with the most associated cases. At this time, there are 27 assets, with 400 infections.

It is already in fourth position where the single-family area is placed, with 236 accumulated outbreaks and 1,089 cases. Until now, the Ministry of Health had not reported how many infections occurred within homes. The argument was the current protocol, which establishes that “outbreaks that only affect habitual cohabitants of the same address, unless they have special characteristics or expand to new areas, are not reported at the national level, so they are counted independently in all reports ”. And also within the family, but in several homes, the region has recorded 83 outbreaks since summer, with 606 cases; of which there are two active and 18 cases.

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Educational centers, with 192 accumulated outbreaks and 1,205 related infections, are the fifth area with the most infections; It has 30 assets with 216 cases. After these, the health centers, with 77 outbreaks since July and 1,205 cases – 11 active with 293 infections.

In penultimate place, the area “others” (associated with prisons, student residences, and closed religious communities), with 69 accumulated and 1,165 related infections, of which four outbreaks and 58 infections remain active. And finally, vulnerable groups – “reception centers, shelters, sheltered flats, boats, others”, explains the document -, which counts 33 outbreaks and 299 associated infections, of which there are only four active, related to the same outbreak.

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