IAt an age when students have to pay high tuition fees, courses – such as law, business and economics – that earn the highest salaries for graduates are becoming more and more attractive.

With the end of the exam season and the deadline set at Oxbridge, as well as for courses in medicine, veterinary science and dentistry by the October deadline, it's time to start evaluating the options offered by universities.

Although money income is not quite the same, it is important to know what kind of salary you can expect to earn after graduation – and there are big gaps depending on your choices.

It is certainly true that some courses offered in the best universities can give you some of the highest-paying diplomas, adding tens of thousands to the average starting salary.

However, some of the highest-paying jobs come from lesser known institutions, with graduates in engineering, computer science and business administration from many different universities.

Use the tool below to compare the courses that generated the highest earnings five years after graduation. It contains some entries likely to be quite surprising.