The influencer who said that “the coronavirus does not exist” died after catching Covid – Internationals

This is a Ukrainian influencer who for months had criticized the measures imposed by governments and people’s fear of the coronavirus.

Dmitriy Stuzhuk was 33 years old, he was a Ukrainian influencer and for a few months he had been giving his opinion through his social networks, where he has 1.1 million followers, that “the coronavirus does not exist” and that the reaction of people and governments around the world was exaggerated. However, after a vacation trip to Turkey, this fitness coach contracted the disease, his health deteriorated, and he finally passed away this Saturday morning.

According to the newspaper The Mirror, the victim was married to Sofia Stuzhuk, 25, with whom he had 3 children: David, Lola and Olivia. The latter, only 9 months old.
Stuzhuk traveled to Turkey a few weeks ago, where he contracted the virus. When he returned to his native Ukraine, he began to feel the first symptoms, such as breathing difficulties and neck pain, and he realized that the coronavirus was not an issue to minimize, as he had done until that moment.

It was thus that one day, as his health began to deteriorate, he shared a photo through Instagram wearing a respirator and alerting his followers: “I was one of those who thought that the virus was not so serious. Until I got sick. I want to tell you that this disease is not a joke. It is something really complicated. In addition, the hospitals are full and the doctors cannot cope. Please take care ”.

After spending 8 days in a hospital, Stuzhuk was discharged this week and was able to return home. However, according to the testimony of his wife, who is also an influencer, just a few hours later he began to feel bad again and had to be rushed to the sanatorium. As he explained through his stories on Instagram, he was “in serious condition” and “unconscious” after presenting “problems in the cardiovascular system”. “His heart is not holding,” he wrote, while also asking his followers to use strength and pray for his health.

Finally this Saturday morning the influencer could not take it anymore and died. Heartbroken, the woman uploaded a photo of her entire family: “By God, it’s terrible to realize that you’re not going to be with us anymore.”

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