‘The island of (our) temptations “- Aúpa Alba

Sometimes I can come to understand people who are tempted to put things aside. Those kinds of things that don’t end up doing him any good. As I tried to explain last week, love for a team is like a toxic relationship; the weakest part of the link always suffers. Despite what his environment recommends: “Leave her, it doesn’t suit you”, “It doesn’t do you good” … he continues with his rituals because he considers it to be one of the few things that gives his life some meaning. And in the relationship with his team, each loyal fan has been tempted to leave when they were bad. If they gave me one euro for every time they tell me about “Change your team” (the “Leave her, it doesn’t suit you” in football slang), I could buy the club from Kabchi. It is true that I changed / shared the azulgrana for the white, but the white manchego, the humble … in short, ours.

My mother didn’t have a better day to go see my nephews than Saturday. Despite the good data of the pandemic, the prohibition of meeting in homes between non-cohabitants in Madrid is still maintained. So my mother and my body, we went to a park in Aluche at the time of Albacete – Sporting. The transmission was in #Vamos, so I would see it in a false direct. Look how far my madness goes; or rather the obsession with my team and my “work”. Father, you were a good teacher, and that is not taught in books.

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When your team plays and you are not watching it, your brain begins to assemble the whole Saga of ‘Star Wars and Harry Potter’ together “Has he made the foul that Álvaro Jiménez was going to take when I turned off the TV? Has Zozulia got in? Have they fired anyone? Will Sporting be taking danger? Will Manu García be dangerous?

My body was in that park in Aluche, but my mind was not. My mind was on my third or fourth house. In that type of case, I try to answer with monosyllables, to cover the file, so that time passes faster.

And finally it is time to analyze the game. Although the truth is the same as always: chances and a certain good game, until the team falls apart. Saturday’s setback came with the expulsion of Flavien Boyomo. Boyomo is expelled in an unforgivable way because he had won the race. Djurjevic HAD THE RACE WON (I write loudly). It has to improve in that regard. He is 19 years old and needs games to improve, but that mistake is serious.

The start of the game is good: there is a shot from Zozulia that for Mariño, another shot from outside of Eddy taken by the sportinguista goalkeeper … there is another shot from outside Zozulia. On another occasion, Boyomo finished weak … it cannot be said that Alba did not have most of the chances in the first half.

The lack that causes the Asturian goal is not. Another one from Pulido Santana. He has been arbitrating for two years with Alba que cloth. Which makes me think that someone took away a flirt at the Fair or something. He’s the ‘Killer Who Returned to the Crime Scene’. I don’t think I need to tell you more.

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And that Sporting did not do much. From the start of the game until minute 75, the Asturian team only made one shot on goal: the goal. For them it was enough.

That moment of the season is beginning to arrive when you have to give a plus of yourself to achieve your goals. That moment when the difference between an insult, an expletive or an unjustified criticism can be the difference between a victory or defeat. Fear gives me a certain Albacete press, with the latest team results. It can and should be criticized, but without getting into quicksand and other swampy matters. He goes for certain ‘gatherings’ on Thursday. That I don’t have to turn on Twitter again.

Our wonderful dupe said … I say Sports Director, that “there was no need, not a revolution, not a striker in the winter market.” About the Revolution… the Parisians said it the same two years before July 14, 1789. But hey; Give them months of bad harvests and time not conducive to agriculture and … Does it sound like something? And I am not calling for civil disobedience, nor am I Henry David Thoreau writing the philosophical essay of the same name, I am inviting reflection on our team.

There were many times when the temptation to support and write about the big team returned. But I do not change the familiarity, or the closeness of being from Alba for anything in the world. In a few years, when I write or try to write in newspapers and large websites in a newsroom, I will look at my land with melancholy. I will have on my table, a photo with the shield, maybe also the photo that I take with Rosa Gómez when the bug leaves. And I will continue dreaming that Alba can win their next game; be it League, Cup or European Competition.

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My congratulations to the girls of the ‘Funda’. They start to feel good again.

I, on Friday afternoon, will be with these ‘bastards’ again. Because there is no greater temptation and exercise of sadomasochism than to suffer, enjoy, enjoy and suffer with one of the families that you choose.

I say goodbye here for today. See you next week.

On Friday, IF YOU CAN !!!

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