Lauren Reynolds & # 39; hare was killed in the fire (Image: SWNS)

A teenager, 18, suffers from severe anxiety and PTSD after her jealous ex-boyfriend killed her pet.

Ethan Andrews, 18, doused Lauren Reynolds' pet rabbit Spice with gasoline before setting it on fire. The explosion led to a fire on July 16 on the family property in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Fortunately, Ms. Reynolds managed to escape safety with her mother Lisa (54), her father Darren (47) and her brother Alex (21).

Ms. Reynolds, who had to give up her studies after the incident because of stress, said, "All I remember is that my father pulled me out of the house.

"I stood in my PJs on the street – there were firemen everywhere and all our neighbors had been pulled out of their homes.

"All that interested me was my animals, who were stuck inside, it was awful."

Spice the Bunny died (Image: SWNS)
The rabbit's pencil was set on fire (Image: SWNS)
Spice the Bunny in a backpack worn by Lauren Reynolds (Image: SWNS)
The damage caused by the fire (Image: SWNS)

Her father had run back to the property to rescue her hedgehog Wrillo, but it was too late for her bunny Spice, whom she described as "best friend."

Also the four Degus, the dog and two geckos of Mrs. Reynolds were rescued.

She did not want to believe that her ex could be responsible for the fire when her brother suggested it, but he was later arrested by police in connection with the arson.

The officers arrested Andrews after checking a neighbor's video surveillance and finding gasoline in a canister and a lighter in his car.

He had previously threatened his former girlfriend and pets after dismissing him because he had become possessive and had called her 20 times in a row.

He told her that "it's not over until I say it's over" and "I can not wait for you to die".

They had met during their animal management studies at Shuttleworth College in Bedfordshire.

Lisa Reynolds, 54, and daughter Lauren Reynolds, 19 (Image: SWNS)
The family had to find an emergency shelter after the fire (Image: SWNS)
The house was destroyed by fire (Image: SWNS)
The house after the fire (Image: SWNS)
The damage caused by the fire (Image: SWNS)
Ethan Andrews was arrested (Image: SWNS)

Ms. Reynolds added, "My rabbit spice was my best friend and Ethan knew that. He aimed my innocent bunny just to attack me again.

"Ethan tried to argue in court that he did not know Spice would be in his stable, but as my dad said," Where would he have thought Spice would be on a bloody night? "

Andrews gave rash arson and caused unnecessary harm to a protected animal at St. Albans Crown Court. He was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment – 13 in prison and 19 under license.

Ms. Reynolds and her family have just moved into their home.

The case was investigated by Hertfordshire Constabulary's Domestic Abuse Investigations and Domestic Security Division.