The key details that Kate Middleton owns that Meghan Markle can never have

If there was a notorious scandal that started this 2021 that was (without a doubt) Prince Harry’s interview with Meghan Markle to Oprah. In it, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex handed out sayings about the entire British Royal Family, leaving Queen Elizabeth II and her family in a very bad way. However, it was recently a photograph that in the United Kingdom brought light: that of Kate Middleton talking to Harry at his grandfather’s funeral.

Apparently, the girls have distanced themselves in the preparations for the wedding between Meghan and Harry.

This small gesture set a whole precedent, especially because it came from that woman who best outlines to be the Queen Consort that all England desires. Kate’s history dates back to 2001, when she decided to study Art History at the University of St. Andrews. There Prince William was studying the same career and, in 2003, the crush was immediate. Not so, however, their commitment. The press stalked and even mocked Kate Middleton by the supposed laziness of the Prince in asking for his hand.


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