The kickboxer of the moment says’ is he dead? I did it after I killed the pub owner

Shocking footage emerged when a murderer confessed to the police saying “I did it”.

A drunk Lee Abbott was shot by the police an hour after stabbing a landlord in the pub following his ban from the venue.

Today Abbott was jailed for a minimum of 28 years for the horrendous attack on Christian Thornton, the father of three children.

Abbott, 35, had been barred from all Widnes, Cheshire pubs after threatening to burn Mr. Thornton’s pub.

But last August, he went armed with a knife to the Hammer and Pincers pub and stabbed his defenseless victim 11 times.

The violent attack took place within 21 seconds while Mr. Thornton was on the phone with the police.

Lee Abbott was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 28 years (Photo: PA)

Officers tracked down Abbott to a nearby friend’s house, where he had washed his blood-stained clothes and hung them up to dry.

Police released footage of Abbott on his way out of the house, wearing only a couple of borrowed boxers.

Still intoxicated by a cocaine, wine and cider the night before, he told the cops, “I know exactly what you’re saying, I did it – I’ll admit it all.”

As a dog barked loudly in the background, he confirmed his name and added, “I attacked Chris, yes. It’s all me, it’s all my fault, yes. ‘

The bare-chested thug continued, “I’ll admit everything, I’m not going to deny anything – that’s it.”

The police then arrested him on charges of murder and Abbott asked, “Is he dead? I’ll tell you the truth, I did yes. ‘

As caution is read, he replied, “It’s my fault, yes, yes, I understand it, it’s my fault.”

Unsolicited, he continued, “Whatever you need me to admit I’ll do it. I won’t deny everything.

‘I won’t resist arrest.’

Christian Thornton has been described as a much loved local character who has done a lot for charity (Photo: PA)

Despite the confession, Abbott still forced his victim’s family to endure a trial after pleading guilty of manslaughter but not homicide.

He claimed at Liverpool Crown Court that he did not want to kill Mr. Thornton, 49, and had lessened responsibility for his mental health.

The father of two told jurors he was a “paranoid madman” who “had lost the plot”.

The former cocaine addict said he thought he was Jesus and that the attack was a “cry for help”.

However, even his own psychiatric expert agreed that he was not psychotic at the time and had no defense of “reduced responsibility”.

David McLachlan, QC, accusing, said Abbott was “an expert manipulator” who “was simply doing his best to get away with a murder.”

The fatal attack was captured by CCTV, which was released by the Cheshire police (Photo: PA)

Jurors sentenced him after the nine-day trial and today Judge Brian Cummings imprisoned him for life.

He said to Abbott of Widnes in Cheshire: “Personality disorder or not, you were fully responsible for your actions.

‘Put simply, you got messed up with taking drugs.

Judge Cummings said that Mr. Thornton “never had a chance, you made sure of it.

‘Your attack on an unarmed man was an act of brutality and cowardice.

‘Your presentation at the trial was marked by narcissism, as observed by both psychiatrists, self-pity and deception.

‘Despite your protests, I don’t see concrete evidence that you truly understand the devastation you have caused.’

The crime scene last August (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

Thornton’s widow Pam today paid tribute to her late husband, who was an active member of the community and “has done so much for local charities.”

She said, “Lee Abbott not only took my husband’s life, but he also destroyed my life and the lives of our three children.

‘Since that day, the indescribable pain I have experienced has multiplied as I watch our children try to come to terms with the loss of their father in such a violent way.

‘They do it with dignity and strength that would make their dad proud.’


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