The LFC Foundation has teamed up with the Merseyside Fire Brigade and Rescue Service to hold training workshops for local youth this summer.

Twenty-four participants of the Premier League Kicks Football + program attended two three-day courses to tackle the key issues facing young people, reduce antisocial behavior, and promote long-term personal development.

The interactive workshops focused on life skills, healthy living, personal safety, drug and alcohol awareness, and provided guidance and positive messages from LFC Foundation and MFRS staff.

Tony Cosgrove, LFC Foundation Project Leader, said, "These activities and educational workshops are key to ensuring the continued engagement of our PL Kicks participants.

"By harnessing the power of the LFC badge and working with our experienced local alliances, such as the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, we can teach young people vital life skills and enhance their personal ambitions."

On the first day, the young people attended an interactive workshop on road safety conducted by MFRS staff. Then there was a day of cooking and nutrition lessons courtesy of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.

Finally, the groups visited the Maritime Museum for a meeting on drug, alcohol and weapons education in the gallery "Confiscated!", Which focuses on the work of customs and border guards.

"The nutrition sessions were re-launched this summer and have really helped participants improve their understanding of healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet," added Cosgrove.

"Working with experienced chefs and being able to participate in the kitchen has not only been great fun for young people, it's also incredibly rewarding.

"The participants of this summer have benefited enormously from all aspects of the course. As we engage with many young people at our regular weekly football events, these alternative activities and educational workshops allow for further growth and personal development, inspiring them to seek a more positive future. "