Just weeks before he murdered his entire family, Chris Watts warned in a handwritten note that "big things are going to happen this year."

In romantic cards and notes to his lover Nicole Kessinger, the killer dad left dark and threatening clues.

Friends and family never realized that the picture could be perfect. Watts could become the reckless and sadistic "killer dad," as he is called today, reports news.com.au.

Watts murdered his wife and children before he dipped the bodies of his young daughters in oil drums on an old work site and buried his wife in a shallow grave.

When the authorities have difficulty finding clues as to what has caused Watts to do the unthinkable, the Weld County Public Prosecutor's Office has delivered new documents to news.com.au, including love letters sent by Watts to his lover Nichol Kessinger Has.

Source: District Attorney of Weld.
Source: District Attorney of Weld.

In the handwritten notes on pink cards and on yellow paper, he left a disastrous clue as to what was to come under his mistress's insulting and sexually charged praise.

At the top of a card, Watts had written the lyrics: "Their energy is so crazy, they heat me up and cool me off like rain," says a song by Through the Roots titled Take You There.

Watts warns Kessinger ominously in his notes that "big things are going to happen this year".


It is now clear that Watts plan was to leave his wife and family and stay permanently with Kessinger. She was cooperative with the police and learned about Watts when she indicated that he seemed unmoved by the disappearance of his wife.

When they started their affair, Watts seduced Kessinger about the nature of his marriage and told her he was in the final stages of divorce. He boldly brought her home twice while his wife was away from home.

Watts had had an affair for several months and was planning to spend his life with his lover. It is believed that he killed his wife and two young daughters to clear the way for the couple.

A card also read: "That smile (that look), that laugh (that giggle) takes me every time !!"


Source: District Attorney of Weld.
Source: District Attorney of Weld.

Another card from later in the month is directed to "Nikki" in a corner, with "Love Chris" in the far right corner.

In between are a series of sexually charged lyrics outlined: "They make my engine roar when you step on the pedal (SIC)," wrote Watts.

The last of these notes was dated in late July and was delivered just a few weeks before Watts to strangle his wife and smother his daughters.

Another letter from Watts to his former lover gives details in her romance.

Watts repeatedly describes them as "electrical" and uses metaphors about "energy" and describes the relationship.

"The first day I had the courage to talk to you, I got lost in those breathtaking green eyes," Watts wrote to his lover.

Source: District Attorney of Weld.
Source: District Attorney of Weld.

"When we first visited the park, I knew I was addicted."

The couple got to know each other at work, and Kessinger described the relationship as most sexual, saying that they spent most of their time together at home and occasionally go out. They got an interest in healthy nutrition.

"We have a lot of FIRSTS together, Nikki, and I want to keep her with you !!"

Watts sent SMS to Kessinger shortly after killing his two daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three, and his wife, Shannan.

At 3:45 pm that day, she received the first in a dozen texts, a message merely pointing out that his family had "left".

When journalists swarmed in a strangely quiet Watts house, Kessinger became worried when he found that his wife was 15 weeks pregnant.

Watts stood on the porch of his family and told a reporter in front of the camera, it was extremely unusual that his wife was not at home. His speech appears under pressure, but he is clear and calm. The footage was disturbing.

"I have no idea where they went, I do not feel that this is even real now, it's like a nightmare I can not wake up from," he said in front of his house before he was arrested for the killings has been.


Chris Watts in court for his verdict hearing in Weld County courthouse last month. Photo / AP
Chris Watts in court for his verdict hearing in Weld County courthouse last month. Photo / AP

"He's a liar, he lied about everything," Kessinger told a reporter after two years of silence.

Kessinger became suspicious of the police when she discovered that Watts had lied to her because his wife was pregnant.

"I thought," If he could lie to me and hide something so big, what else was he lying about? "

"I just wanted to help … with a pregnant wife and two missing children, I would do anything I could," she said.

Watts pleaded guilty to his first-degree murder charge, three manipulations of a deceased human body, and a count of unlawful pregnancy termination on November 6 of that year.


Watts and Shannan had spoken about the name of their unborn child.

"Little Peanut! Love her / him already !!!" he answered as she sent him an ultrasound photo of her child in the stomach.

Chris Watts with his wife and children. Photo / delivered
Chris Watts with his wife and children. Photo / delivered

She shared the exchange on her Facebook page and wrote, "I love Chris, he's the best dad we can ask girls for."

They had planned to call the unborn child Niko.

In April, Shannan, who regularly shared affectionate posts about her husband, posted, "He's my rock!" while she was on a working trip outside the city.

"He cares unconditionally for us girls! Thank you, baby, for holding this fort on the weekend! I love you," she wrote.

The couple met when Watts sent her a friend request on Facebook. "I accept, one thing leads to another and eight years later we have two children, we live in Colorado and he is the best thing that ever happened to me", she wrote and explained how the man who would murder her and her children came into her life.

"Because of my health challenges, I let him in … he knew me the worst and he accepted me through illness and everything he had there," he said. "When I met Chris, I pushed him away, apologized for running, I gave him an outburst every day, I tortured him, I pushed him away, I can not tell you how wonderful he is."

The family filed for bankruptcy in 2015, but Shannan recently found a new job that paid $ 80,000 annually.

Watts escaped the death penalty for his guilty request, but will live in prison.