The killers “filmed themselves beheading the teenager to deliver him as a warning”

On Monday, parts of the body of Keane Mulready-Woods, 17, were found in a sports bag (Photo: PA)

The killers of a decapitated Irish teenager were reportedly filmed of the murder and posted online.

The video emerged appearing to show the final moments of Keane Mulready-Woods, 17, who is believed to have been dismembered as part of the gangland war on drugs, according to Mail Online.

Police say the boy was taken to a house in Drogheda on Sunday before his body parts were unloaded at two sites in Dublin.

The Irish prime minister condemned the brutal murder as “grotesque and creepy”.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the whole country was shocked by the case, which followed an escalation of group violence at the local level.

Drogheda’s seventeen year old was found brutally murdered (Photo: Facebook)

It is believed that the young man’s severed head would have been handed over to a suspected gang boss as a warning, but instead was left in the trunk of a burning car.

Keane, from Drogheda in County Louth, was assassinated and his remains were dismembered before being left in various locations in the Irish capital.

Police urged the public not to share any image of the murder circulating online and claimed that although the images have not been verified, they are distressing to the boy’s family.

Investigators were said to believe that Keane could have been murdered in revenge for the killing of Richie Carberry, 39, who was shot outside his home in Bettystown, County Meath, in November.

A well-known 35-year-old Dublin assassin, described as a “psychopath” and a “serial killer” by the agents, is reportedly a suspect.

The police released these images of clothes similar to those worn by the young man, while asking the public for help (Photo: PA)

Varadkar has promised to help the police bring the perpetrators of the murder to justice.

Speaking in Dublin today, Varadkar has committed more police resources to County Louth to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

He said, “It’s probably the most gruesome and grotesque murder I can think of: having committed it against a seventeen-year-old is particularly shocking to me.”

‘Gardai (Irish police) will have all the resources he needs. They need to find the people who committed this crime and make sure they are brought to justice.

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‘I want to reassure the people of Drogheda in particular that we are right behind them and I intend to get there in the next two days because the whole country is really shocked by this.’

He added that in the “long term”, the underlying causes need to be addressed, he continued: “We have already had cycles of violence like this before – for example, in the inner city of north Dublin – and it is possible to stop it.

‘It requires people to get 100% behind the gardai and anyone who has information about it should give it to them.’

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