The king of Malaysia will be the first to give up the throne just a few months after he is married to the Russian beauty queen. 24 years his junior. Sultan Muhammad V after two years on the throne abdicated49-year-old Sultan immediately resigned and shortened the 5-year Muslim soldiers of nine years. take turns as king for five years. It is the first time since the independence of Great Britain in 1957 that a king has renounced By

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06:57 AM EST, January 6, 2019

08:47 EST, January 6, 2019

King Sultan Muhammad V of Malaysia has said goodbye to his reign of five years for two years. The king of Malaysia has renounced the throne after only two months. King Sultan Muhammad V, 49, resigned with immediate effect this morning, according to a statement from the palace. No reason was given for shortening his five-year term – a first in the history of the country. Sultan Muhammad V, ruler of the northeast Kelantan state, was installed in December 2016 as one of the youngest constitutional monarchs of Malaysia. He married former Miss Moscow Oksana Voevodina, 25, in an exuberant ceremony in November after she converted to Islam. Under a unique system that has been maintained since the independence of Malaysia from Great Britain in 1957, nine rulers of hereditary states take turns as king for a period of five years. It comes after weeks of speculation about his future after he had taken leave and in the midst of rumors he married a Russian former beauty queen. In a statement, the palace said simply: "The National Palace reports that its majesty has resigned as the 15th king as of January 6. & # 39;

Former Miss Moscow Oksana Voevodina (25) married in November in a lavish ceremony with King Sultan Muhammad V

This is the first time that a king in the country with the Muslim majority has renounced since independence. Since his absence & # 39; for medical treatment & # 39; in November it had been a question mark about the government of the king. Reports circulated online that he was married to a man. former Miss Moscow in Russia – although royal officials in Malaysia have so far not commented on the rumors. The tensions about this future were intensified when the Islamic royals of the country reportedly held a special meeting.

This photo, taken on July 17, 2018, shows the 15th king of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V (right), who is preparing to give his address at the opening ceremony of the parliament in Kuala Lumpur while the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (left) looks

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