The Kitchen Grand Prize: Christian Petersen spoke about his family’s lineage of female cooks

The barbecue grill Christian Petersen remembered in the culinary reality the women of his family and his passion for cooking Credit: eltrece

The slogan of the last program The great prize of the kitchen (The thirteenth) was to make dishes “that remember mothers”, since their day is coming soon. In that sense, Carina Zampini, the host of the program, consulted the jurors Christian Petersen, Felicitas Pizarro Y Mauricio Asta for the memories of their mothers in the kitchen.

Petersen he recalled his female lineage: “Our whole family cooks thanks to our mother, who also comes from our grandmother. There is a myth that says that she was Doña Petrona’s best assistant. It’s a family myth. “

The driver was surprised by the story of the barbecue. He continued to speak with pride of his mother. “Yes, then there is my mother who was a great cook. He also had a virtue, He was one of those people who would have the refrigerator and with what he had made something rich and that is fantastic because it is to solve with what you have in the refrigerator, which is not easy. Sometimes shopping … “Petersen explained.

The pastry chef said that his mother does not let him “step on the kitchen” Credit: eltrece

So Zampini He asked, “Was your mother a home cook or a professional cook?” The grill man replied: “For me, my mother was a pioneer, she was a professional cook 60 years ago, it was not so usual to run a restaurant, be the boss, give the orders. She was quite bossy“.

Intervened To stay who consulted Petersen if he had cooked with his mother. “A thousand times, yes, of course”, replied the barbecue. For his part, the pastry chef recounted a different experience with his mother: “How cute. I can’t, my mom is the chef and no other person is allowed“.

Zampini He tried to summarize the anecdotes with a phrase: “It is a love of cooking that everyone inherited, your brothers.” Petersen added: “A love, a trade, a service, a vocation for work thanks to her“.



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