The Korean Cultural Center in Turkey will hold an online fan meeting with ACE and FREE – KPOP-LAT

By: Fabiola Trabanino

November 21, 2020

This is CHOICE as they read ACE will hold a free fan meeting for CHOICE from Turkey but…. do not suffer that you can also attend this meeting on Korean Cultural Center in Turkey He will transmit it through his YouTube account, you must look for this account: Korean Cultural Center.

CHOICE don’t forget this note 😉 Momoland, ACE, Berry Good, BVNDIT, Ghost9 will participate in the Dear Tomorrow online concert

So it will be nice to see them interact in a certain way with CHOICE, today at least you can say that you have participated in a fan meeting 😀

Who will participate in this fan meeting?

In other ACE news, Chan will be working as the future MC of a new web variety show by Studio LuluLala, ‘Idol Wonderland. It will be co-produced by JTBC (home of Studio LuluLaLa) and KT’s Seezn, ‘Idol Wonderland’ is a new series of varieties dedicated to the guests of K-Pop idol groups.

In each episode, the idol group’s guests visit a specially designed theme park, where they can virtually hang out with your fans and fulfill the wishes of global fans. This will become the first debut of Chan as the main MC.

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