The Lakers return to an NBA final and will face the Miami Heat

The Los Angeles Lakers returned to an NBA Finals after 10 years, and if they beat the Miami Heat they will get their 17th title with which they would match their eternal rival, Boston Celtics, who also has 17 but has only won one since 1986, that of 2008.
Still in Minneapolis, the Lakers forged the first dynasty, in the prehistory of the NBA: five titles between 1949 and 1954. But then Red Auerbach and Bill Russell’s Celtics broke in, the never seen before.
The proud greens played 12 finals and won 11 titles between 1957 and 1969.

Seven of those finals, moreover, were brought to the traumatized Lakers, who (from defeat to defeat) traded Minneapolis for Los Angeles in 1960.
After their 1986 title, the Celtics wore 16 rings and the Lakers only nine. Since then, the East have won one and the Californians seven. Two still in the eighties (1987 and 1988), the three by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal (2000-02) and the two that Kobe won with Pau Gasol (2009, 2010). If they take this title in the ‘Bubble’ they will have finally managed to complete a decades-long chase and will equal the Celtics as the team with the most titles.
The Heat, for their part, have 3 rings (2006, 2012 and 2013). The fourth would place them in sixth place in history, a huge merit for a franchise founded in 1988 and which is the one that has played the most in the last fifteen years (six, with this one from 2020).


17    Boston Celtics
16 Los Angeles Lakers

6    Golden State Warriors y Chicago Bulls

5 San Antonio Spurs

3    Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons y Miami Heat

2    New York Knicks y Houston Rockets

1    Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers, Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Baltimore Bullets,             Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors.

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