The Last of Us co-creator prefers new IPs

Bruce Straley responds to The Game Awards host in a poll promoted via Twitter.

In the last few months we are seeing pretty cool moves in regards to collaborations between development studios taking control of renowned licenses. Some time ago it was confirmed that IO Interactive will be dealing with a 007 game, and this week we learned that MachineGames and Bethesda are working on an Indiana Jones title and that Ubisoft is also going to develop works based on Star Wars.

Straley prefers to have talent invested in new productionsThis has generated a lot of expectation in networks, with users suggesting to Lucasfilm Games some collaborations with certain studios to deal with some well-known IPs. Geoff Keighley, presentador de The Game Awards, has wanted to test this trend by asking his followers what collaboration they would like to see and with what saga of their dreams. And among the answers, the one of Bruce Straley, co-creador de The Last of Us.

“None. We need all that talent and money focused on creating new content, new IPs and innovating in the AAA space,” said Straley, who left Naughty Dog in 2017. The creative has been clear in his opinion that videogames need more creativity than just creating titles based on renowned sagas; although the latter generate a lot of expectation.

A topic that can lead to many hours of debate, since there can be very discordant opinions on it. Since Lucasfilm Games They have also said that they have more projects to announce based on their most popular IPs.

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