The latest leadership of the work: Lisa Nandy refuses to “sweep” Jeremy Corbyn while accusing Tony Blair of being part of the Thatcherite consensus

Lisa Nandy refused to “sweep” Jeremy Corbyn while accusing Tony Blair of being part of the Thatcherite consensus.

Wigan’s promising MP and Labor leader, who secured the support of the party’s top supporters GMB last night, will use his speech at the homeless Centrepoint charity today to praise the outgoing leader for breaking. consensus on “economic conservatism” was a higher priority than people. ”

When asked about the Today program if he claimed that “Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have put fiscal righteousness ahead of people,” Nandy said, “I am not going to ruin the legacy of the last Labor government.”

Nandy said that while “things like the minimum wage” were “game changes” in cities like Wigan and that investment in the areas of health and education was positive “, it is certainly true that the consensus that Thatcher built lasted during the new Labor years “.

He added that the reason he entered politics “was out of frustration with the system under the last Labor government that took small sums from people right at the top of the system and handed them over with conditions at the bottom.”

Nandy also said he did not think Corbyn “deserved to be wiped out for a minute”, adding that doing so “does not even help the Labor party”.

The Backbench MP is joining Sir Keir Starmer, who has been supported by Unison and Rebecca Long-Bailey, who should get support from Unite, as what is increasingly seen as a three-horse race for leadership.

Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, is believed to be soliciting support for smaller unions, but they are unlikely to receive the two endorsements needed to qualify.

With Sir Keir already in the final phase of the competition, Nandy must now secure the support of one of the 20 groups affiliated to Labor to join him.


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