The latest leak places the vivo IQOO 7 with a Snapdragon 888 and a 120 Hz display in addition to a 120 W load

by Pablo López
6 hours ago

The supposed vivo IQOO 7 smartphone has been seen again by the networks and now we know that it will incorporate a Snapdragon 888, 120 Hz screen and 48 MP of main camera.

Last week we echoed a new vivo smartphone that was seen on the horizon. That model is taking shape around a high-end, in fact the highest range of the manufacturer, and a model name is also augured. This terminal would be the vivo IQOO 7.

A few days ago we saw that this mobile would integrate a fast charging of no less than 120 W, also ensuring about 600 charge cycles to last a few years. Now through the leaker Digital Chat Station, en Weibo, we see that it incorporates a Snapdragon 888, the most powerful SoC for Android to date.

It seems that the vivo IQOO 7 will incorporate a Snapdragon 888 and a 120 Hz screen

While Xiaomi maintains the title of launching the first smartphone with said SoC, the I live IQOO 7 It would be one of the first posts that is scheduled to be launched in mid-January 2021.

Other specifications that the leaker tells us are a 48 MP rear camera, surely accompanied by a few more, but more interesting is the 120Hz FHD + display that it will presumably incorporate. In this way, this model will become the flagship of the company when it comes out.

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Article Editor: Pablo López

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