The leader of the PRI in Hidalgo is diagnosed with Covid-19 – States

Pachuca, Hgo. A few hours before the holding of the elections to renew the 84 municipal presidencies of Hidalgo, Erika Rodríguez Hernández, president of the State Steering Committee (CDE) of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Saturday afternoon.

Through a brief press release, the press department of the state PRI reported that Erika Rodríguez Hernández, after being diagnosed, adopted the corresponding health measures and has been placed in isolation as established by the authorities and protocols of the health sector.

The statement did not specify whether she has been admitted to a hospital or if she was transferred to her home to maintain the corresponding quarantine.

Finally, regarding his state of health, the PRI reported that he is stable.

Erika Rodríguez is the first party leader in Hidalgo to have been infected by Covid-19.

Throughout the electoral process, five have been the candidates for Municipal Presidents infected by Covid-19, one of whom died.

Isidro Pedraza Chávez, national leader of the Unidad de Fuerza Indígena y Campesina (UFIC) and candidate of the PRD, and Gustavo Ríos Rivera of the local party Más Por Hidalgo, both candidates for the Presidency of Pachuca. Rocío Tirado Bañuelos, candidate of the Citizen Movement (MC) party for the mayor of Tula who resigned the candidacy.

Felipe Hernández González of the PRI and Alonso García, of the Nueva Alianza Party, both candidates for the Municipal Presidency of San Agustín Tlaxiaca were also infected. Alonso García died three weeks after contracting the disease. Despite this, his name will appear on the ballots.


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