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Today in a month it is time to celebrate the day of life again, because that LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special launches on November 17th on Disney +. After Entertainment Weekly revealed a few days ago that a number of well-known original actors would be slipping back into their roles for the special, there is now from the poster, some scenes and an interview with the creators, which we have translated for you below. But let’s start with the poster:

James Waugh, vice president of franchise content and strategy at Lucasfilm, told, “We caught ourselves talking about Christmas specials every year and how popular and timeless those things are. When we looked at what we were next with LEGO Star Wars should do, it went on from there, so to speak “.

This flash of inspiration finally led to the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which will be released on November 17th on Disney + – the day our galaxy celebrates the now canonical Star Wars holiday called the Day of Life. The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special begins after Episode IX and shows Rey continuing her Jedi training. In a Jedi temple she stumbles upon something mystical that lets her slip through time, where she meets Star Wars legends and visits places of the past – and yet she has to return home for the day of life.


A scene from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

The creative team watched their own favorite Christmas classics, from Rudolph the red nose up to One ticket for two (Planes, Trains and Automobiles) as inspiration. And they found that this type of storytelling was a surprisingly good fit with Star Wars. “I think what’s so similar about these specials and Star Wars is that at the end of the day you don’t have a good Star Wars story if it doesn’t have a heart. If it doesn’t have a soul,” says Waugh. “And I think the reason these Christmas stories are timeless is because there are lessons. Regardless of whether or not all of these specials are great, they try to introduce you to something about being with your family, about caring, Warming up love for others and altruism, these are things that automatically belong to Star Wars, so we really wanted to anchor this with the idea, “What is Rey missing right now? She is so focused on the burden of being the only Jedi in this new era and the duty of possibly passing that knowledge on. She overlooks the point that it still takes time to be with her friends and family who made her.

“She has a nice ‘isn’t life beautiful'” moment, “says Rimes,” when she thinks about her own mistakes, her own teachings, and what it means to be a mentor. ”

A scene from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special
A scene from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

This type of story-timeline crossover is great for LEGO Star Warswhich has developed into a kind of sub-brand or sub-galaxy and is proving to be a great gateway to Star Wars for children and adults alike. It’s not difficult to understand why: Building sets is a creative exercise, and the LEGO Star Wars series and specials are regularly full of jokes and gags, breaking the fourth wall and exciting action, but also respect for the source material.

“We were looking for new ways to be creative now that Disney + was out. We’d made LEGO shorts and series before, so we pushed ourselves to think further,” says Rimes. “And the fact that we are doing business in the LEGO galaxy gave us the license to rely on the fun and playfulness that are essential when it comes to exploring a new version of a Star Wars Christmas special .

A scene from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special
A scene from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

“LEGO Star Wars has its own sense of humor, its own style, and creates a special opportunity to share something you love with your kids of all ages,” says Waugh. “One thing that helped define how we approached this special was how the kids were playing with LEGO Star Wars. [In der Story Group] In our canonical sense, we’re in the process of building stories that outline certain characters and vehicle sets over different points in time. And when I watch my son play with them and watch other children play, that’s not the case. It’s more like, “I throw all my LEGO Star Wars figures together and let the AT-ATs fight battle droids from the prequels. That’s one of the cool things about taking LEGO sets home with you. We have a lot early on talked about it, Josh and I. How do we come up with a story that allows it?

The goal was to bring together over 40 years of Star Wars history; or throwing all the toys together on the floor.

“And there is a moment,” adds Rimes. “We call it the ‘bucket-tipping’ moment.”


No discussion about that LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special could take place without addressing the bantha in the room: That Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 has been maligned by many. To put it simply, it’s not a good thing. It was never officially released after being broadcast on television once. But the new special is clearly based not only on the name of the original, but also on elements of the story that it introduced, including the day of life. Since its release, Lucasfilm didn’t seem interested in doing this Star Wars Holiday Special to use again or even to recognize. But time seems to heal all lightsaber wounds.

“For years it was a blessing to talk about a Christmas special in the Lucasfilm halls,” says Waugh. “But the truth is, it’s part of our tapestry. It’s part of our story. And the fans have accepted it in an ironic and funny way. And we’re not doing THE Holiday Special. We’re actually honoring the elements of that Christmas Special that are in Franchises have stayed. The truth is that the day of life is now in The Mandalorian is. The day of life is in [Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge] celebrated. So it’s part of our DNA and it was something to look back on. ”

A scene from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

For people who love Christmas specials, their importance should not be underestimated. We see them with family and friends as part of shared experiences and traditions. They teach us. And they form memories of holidays that we will carry with us forever. With all of this in mind, Waugh and Rimes have high hopes for this LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.

“I hope it becomes a family tradition and that it becomes part of the rotation,” says Rimes. “You know you’ve got Rudolph, Frosty and everything else. And you have that LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.”

“I want it to be timeless,” says Waugh. “That has always been our hope. Let’s try to make something as timeless and unforgettable as the Christmas specials we love. LEGO and Star Wars mean a lot to people’s lives. They mean a lot to my life. You. You.” are woven into my life with my son, so hopefully this turns into something like all the classic specials that people who love Star Wars, people who love LEGO, people who just enjoy the Christmas specials sit down every year and watch. And it becomes part of their lives. ”

We’ll see if they have achieved this goal in a month when the special starts on November 17th on Disney +.


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