The letter that Meghan Markle would have written to her father was not so private, new details reveal for her lawsuit | Wake up America shows

liked that part.

Carlos: Anyway. what a story.

another story that has given

turns and has taken a turn


is the lawsuit he filed

meghan markle, the reclaó has a

brianic periodical

they could leave meghan markle

very bad stop for these

claims and for that, this couple

again it is on everyone’s lips.

It was November 11, 2019

when meghan markle reunited

a group of lawyers to

file the lawsuit. it was one

letter that she had written to him

to his father by hand for not

show up at the wedding. part

of the details of the demand

are that the middle is accused of

violate meghan’s privacy

markle since he believes them gave

she herself.

with the handwriting so beautiful that

seems to have turned out that it was not

as she said because who

he was secretary of the dukes

de sussex

at that time I participate in the

drafting of the letter and due

to the care with which it was written

she knew what it could be

Posted at some timeby

what the document was not


this is one of those technicalities

that sometimes it costs them

internal work must, but at

it looks like the brianic crown

use some of your employees

to write a letter, go to

be public domain. I’m in

the right thing?

maity: exactly. I alleged that

the newspaper because the demand

Meghan Markle engages her

like prince harry

saying it was his own

and they were invading her

privacy because it was a letter

let her write her father.

at the moment when third

people are involved

this happens as a

owned by her.


of prince harry and meghan

markle was that they wanted to put him

a halt to the harassment they did

been living since

moment they announced their

commitment so much to that

letter and demand that no

I wanted it to be repeated to them

his mother and they wanted privacy

for them.

now, they will be able to get


I do not think so.

Carlos: let me take you some

words to my dear tony,

this woman,

me being that what is

saying what it is

justifying it is because of the fluids

get out of the relationship with the

crown, his mother-in-law the princess

Diana was besieged and not her

they could defend and open this

type of demands I think already

they were both fed up.

tony: she didn’t hit her well in

the royalty. was the victim of

racial issues. I do

well I would investigate how that

letter read to the newspaper.

there is a netflix series about

the royalty in which they don’t

they agree,

harry meghan markle be a

complicated position because there

a contract with Netflix of

a lot of money. that’s going to have

news very soon.

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