Open Letter to Duke Alumni and the Durham Community:

Have you ever noticed how billions of dollars of infrastructure projects often live or die for the ego of a white man?

I have.

This phenomenon is not about race. It's about how power prevents their owners from hearing how elitism isolates the intellect.

In the case of Dr. med. Vincent Price v. The project Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit we hope for better. We hope humankind's humility will prevail.

Dr. Price literally wrote the book about public opinion. He called it "public opinion." In "Public Opinion" Price examines "other important dialectics – between social stability and social change, between thought and action, between elite and mass – that find their expression, if not their solution, in the concept of public opinion."

The battle of this midnight hour is still the latest chapter in the long history of Duke-Durham relations: the dialectic between elite and mass. It would be tragic for Dr. Price, the decade of work into which the late Dr. Phil Wynn had spent his life single-handedly destroying – the difficult and unfinished work that repaired more than a century of exploitation of Duke-Durham's relationships.

It would be unthinkable that Dr. Price underestimated the critical ability of Duke employees and alumni to reassure Duke's willingness, Grant Hill's well-deserved respect, billions for Duke Forward, against Duke's willingness to sacrifice Durke's arbitrariness, suppress improved access to jobs, housing and health care the next century.

And although Dr. Price is not deeply invested in the long legacy of tough Duke-Durham relations, we can all hope and pray that he does not undermine his reputation as a pioneer in public opinion research, ignoring the well-documented will of Durham countless bourgeois organizations and the life of the working class that they represent.

May the story be kind to you, dr. Price. Sign up for what the Durham people ask you. The power of the pencil is in your hands.

Kevin Primus, Trinity & # 39; 94, Graduate School & # 39; 01