The list of the best-dressed footballers in the world

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The player from Arsenal and the Spanish soccer team Héctor Bellerín has been the most recent addition to this list. We mean list with the best dressed footballers in the world and that comes to dismantle the myth that they only dress in the most strident clothes they can find. Men who wear the most expensive clothes in the world even if they are not always the most beautiful. Or, of course, not suitable for all audiences.

On the other side are footballers whose style has evolved favorably to become some of the most elegant men in the world. The clearest case of radical transformation for the better is that of David Beckham. We have seen the Englishman wear impossible haircuts and modern clothes beyond his means. Today not only not a trace remains of that oxygenated version that played for Real Madrid, Rather, its current aesthetic is one of the most inspiring on the planet.

Like David Beckham, Héctor Bellerín is interested in fashion at all its levels, so much so that he has set out to create his own collection in collaboration with H&M. The line, in whose entire process the Arsenal defender has participated, is a reflection of his style and his court convictions eco: It is made up of garments made of sustainable materials. Bellerín wanted that, as far as possible, each garment was made of a single material to facilitate recycling. In Edited by Héctor Bellerín we can find from a blazer from straight lines, to hoodies, shorts or t-shirts with a message. A true reflection of the fresh and carefree style of this footballer who accumulates thousands of followers and gives us the opportunity to review who are the most elegant figures of this sport.

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Héctor Bellerín

The Arsenal footballer is probably the most atypical footballer we see. He has walked for Louis Vuitton and is a regular at fashion shows. His urban style, modern and more typical of an artist or a skater that of a soccer player are his hallmark.

Mohamed Salah

Pure attitude on and off the field. Mohamed Salah shows that you can be original with a tuxedo without falling into the tacky or stridency. Inspiration for the squad.

Kylian Mbappé

Prize giving is where the footballers play it. An occasion to wear another suit that is not the official one that your team imposes on you on the move and in which they are not always right. Mbappé achieves this by betting on perfectly fitted classic suits and, be careful, a good watch as a style beacon.

Fernando llorente

The Basque striker has displayed a discreet and classy style off the field from the beginning. Classic tailored suits and rather fine ties are his specialty.

Manuel Neuer

The Bayern Munich goalkeeper doesn’t miss a single style goal with this velvet tuxedo blazer combined with a black turtleneck. A minimalist and refined style is always a safe bet.

Alisson Becker

Classic-cut suits with details on the lapels, such as brooches or embroidery, are the specialty of this Brazilian footballer who knows that it is in the small details where the difference is made.

Nacho Fernandez

The Real Madrid player is another of those footballers who bet to death for a classic style and without fanfare when dressing off the field. The perfectly tailored suit with its pocket square ensures an always favorable marker.

Marco Asensio

The Real Madrid striker was one of the most elegant guests at Sergio Ramos’ wedding thanks to this blue morning suit, with a lighter tone vest and a most original tie. The black and the suits of jacket with sneakers are other of his bets not to fail.

Harry Kane

The Englishman, in addition to being one of the most valued footballers of his generation, has become the perfect ambassador of style british. The three-piece suits in shades of gray are his specialty.

Carles Puyol

The former Barcelona player is a magnificent example for those who do not want to fail when it comes to wearing a suit. As he himself has recognized on many occasions, he prefers to dress casually so etiquette rules, nothing like choosing classic suits that feel like a glove and being faithful to your principles by combining them, for example, with sneakers.

Iker Casillas

The former goalkeeper of the Red has always displayed a style of dress very similar to the one he had playing: discreet, elegant and infallible. The secret: perfectly fitted suits, impeccable collared shirts and small details.

Xabi Alonso

The former Basque player has always been synonymous with class and elegance. We have never seen him make a style mistake or dare to wear clothes that did not meet his aesthetic standards. Classicism and discretion have always been his maxims when it comes to dressing.

David Beckham

We have seen the English player commit all kinds of excesses with his wardrobe. A few aesthetic excesses that the footballer has abandoned for some time to make way for one of the most desired styles on the planet. Modern classicism might be the label that best defines your style.

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