The little known relationship between Harry and the new first lady of the United States

From that meeting, the meetings between Harry Y Jill they continued. In fact, an official trip to the United States on the occasion of the Warrior games -a project prior to Invictus- was the spearhead to begin with the “rehabilitation” of the public image of the prince, who by then had already starred in several controversies.

Prince Harry and Jill Biden.

At that meeting the now first lady and Harry they had the opportunity to live together more, even on that occasion Jill spoke to duke of sussex about his adopted son Beau, who was a veteran of the war in Iraq, a topic with which he managed to create a closeness with the son of the Prince carlos, because he was also a war veteran, but from Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that that meeting took place months before they diagnosed Beau with brain cancer, which finally ended his life in 2015.

And it is that, the wife of Joe Biden She achieved that connection because whenever she could, she expressed pride in being the mother of a soldier. In a role as second lady of the presidency, during the government of Barack Obama focused on supporting ex-military, military and their families.

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