The Lord of the Rings: how it was saved from being ruined by Harvey Weinstein

The trilogy of The Lord of the rings made by Peter Jackson is a masterpiece that to this day has not been surpassed, not in the realm of fantasy. The years go by and new generations discover its wonder, but also some secrets around the production that we have never heard before. Through an essay in between Polygon, written by the journalist Drew McWeeny, it is revealed that the movies were going to be very different thanks to Harvey Weinstein, who at the time was one of the most famous producers in Hollywood. Weinstein it could have ruined the adaptations forever.

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Harvey I had very different plans for the movies of Lord of the Rings. In accordance with McWeenyThe producer was the one who granted the film rights to Jackson but at Miramax, however, he wanted the adaptation to consist of two films made for only $ 75 million, a ridiculous figure compared to what the final trilogy actually cost. Of course the director was outraged at the situation and Harvey He reacted by hiding the budget from him for more than a year and a half, he even wanted to give the direction to Quentin Tarantino; It was then that the creative team decided to take a little more drastic measures: they leaked the script for the two films to the Ain’t It Cool medium with the aim of having another studio see the potential, come closer and save the production. It was then that New Line Cinema appeared to be the great hero.

Peter Jackson had already had some contact with Ain’t It Cool at the time and there were many people within WingNut and WETA that were reaching out as well. They felt like they were creating something great and worried that they wouldn’t be able to find a studio willing to step up. So the decision was made to leak the scripts to Ain’t It Cool in a way that everyone could later deny.

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The journalist claims he does not know who were responsible for the leak of the script.

They didn’t come directly from anyone and no one officially asked us to cover them, so if they ever pushed me I could honestly say it wasn’t Peter or Fran [Walsh]. However, what is clear is that they gave me access to them so that I could talk about what I thought at the exact moment that New Line was trying to make a decision.

Although the films of The Lord of the rings they were released many years ago, it is impossible to say that time has forgotten them, quite the opposite. Fantasy productions continue to appear in recent years, but absolutely none compare in scope, quality, and spirit; not even Game of Thrones – 59%, not even Harry Potter or Star Wars, a reality clearer than water. On the other hand, very soon we will witness a new approach to Middle-earth through the series that Amazon is developing, and which is surrounded by deep secrecy in every way, with only some names of actors released to the public and with the awareness that it will develop in the Second Age of the Sun.

The (misnamed) series of The Lord of the rings It does not have a release date on Amazon but its first season will consist of eight episodes. Without a doubt, the studio feels completely ready to throw the house out the window and we love it; budget is never enough when it comes to putting the beauty of Middle-earth on screen. Will it go on to become a huge and cult hit just like the movies, or will it meet a miserable failure due to adaptation errors?

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