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By: David Moreno.

On November 17, Disney + arrived in Mexico. It did so preceded by a powerful advertising campaign in which the company announced the deployment of all its strength, of all the franchises that over the years have become part of the company. It is not a small thing to have in your programming the entire Star Wars saga and its expanded universe, the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everything that PIXAR has done, The Simpsons and a good part of the productions of what it was once on FOX, National Geographic and, of course, Mickey Mouse’s gigantic own production. In terms of content, Disney + has absolutely all the power to hit the ground running. It is not difficult to assume that Disney’s intention is to become the main player in a game that he seems to have entered with the timer running but confident that he possesses the necessary skills to not only be present on the scoreboard but to finish up. the cup. It is not only about recycling films and programs that are now exclusive to Disney + but also about putting at the service of the platform the enormous production capacity that the company has developed over many years and, of course, the economic power perhaps the most powerful and influential media conglomerate in the world.

Disney has been slowly cooking its release and although at the moment the vast majority of its content is not new, this does not mean that they are not ready to increase their arsenal with original productions. For now, its strong cards are series that expand and exploit the narrative possibilities of some of its best-known products such as Star Wars or The Avengers. In the case of the saga that once belonged to George Lucas, Disney has produced The Mandalorian, a brilliant and spectacular space Western that tells the story of an outlaw who is forced to confront his own convictions when he meets a small being whose origin and fate are uncertain. They have also announced the production of a series that will star one of the great characters of the very distant galaxy: Obi Wan Kenobi, although there is still no date for the start of filming, everything seems to indicate that Ewan McGregor will wield the saber again laser which is sure to raise even more expectations about the series. In the case of The Avengers, Marvel has begun with the production of programs that will be indispensable for the history of the new phase of the most profitable cinematic universe in history. Two will be his first major decks: Wanda Vision, with the wonderful Elizabeth Olsen as the protagonist and Loki who will bring back the brother of Thor played by the charismatic and talented Tom Hiddleston in the main role.

The interesting thing will be to see if Disney will continue with the trend of expanding its franchises or if it will take advantage of its new platform to make other types of content. It should not be forgotten that the success of Netflix or Amazon Prime lies largely in the diversity of their original productions, in which they have had the vision and the ability to generate series and movies that cover wide audience spectra. These are platforms that have been dedicated to taking risks and innovating something that Disney does not usually practice, a company that is characterized by always stepping on the safe ground and that hardly generates content whose success is not proven. To this it should be added that many identify Disney products as merely familiar, which could play against them before that part of the audience that translates these contents as extremely conservative.

It remains to be seen what happens with the new television warfare, one that has left over the air or cable signals to settle in the fields of cybernetics. The truth is that the first perception generated around Disney + is that it has started to tread these lands quite successfully and hoping to maintain that trend until – as I said before – becoming the master of streaming, something that they have already done very well. in other media, especially through the merger or acquisition of someone who could present himself as an important competitor, which seems, for now, complex because those who have already walked a long way in the business do not need the strength of Disney to stay at least, I repeat, for now.

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